Eitan, the maternal grandmother: “Italy is responsible for the death of my family. They can’t even take the child”

Eitan, the maternal grandmother: “Italy is responsible for the death of my family. They can’t even take the child”
Eitan, the maternal grandmother: “Italy is responsible for the death of my family. They can’t even take the child”

“Italy is responsible for the deaths of my father, my daughter and my grandson. They can’t even take Eitan ”. Ester Coen Peleg, maternal grandmother of the little survivor of the Mottarone massacre, letting off steam with journalists at the end of the hearing in Tel Aviv to discuss the fate of the child, kidnapped last September 12 with a sort of blitz. “What is left to me, do you understand?”, Added the woman criticizing the judge’s decision not to admit her to the trial in the classroom. “Do you know why I’m out of the classroom? Because a female judge in Israel said that since the Italian consul was not allowed to enter the courtroom, she denied me permission too. I am the grandmother ”, underlined the woman who is being investigated together with her ex-husband by the Pavia prosecutor for the kidnapping of the child. The woman then added that the same “also happened in Italy when I was in mourning for my daughter and they did not give me the opportunity to express myself”. The woman also had an altercation with one of the Biran’s lawyers, the paternal branch. “I am the grandmother, we are a grieving family. We have lost three generations and now you are destroying the image of my daughter as well“. The confrontation took place outside the classroom. The hearings will resume in the evening at the end of the Jewish rest. The lawyers of both sides, at the end of today’s session, did not want to make any comments. The hearing will continue on Sunday as well.

The judge Iris Ilotovich Segal will have to establish whether the case of Eitan falls within the cases envisaged by the The Hague Convention on the abduction of minors, signed by both Italy and Israel. A path taken by the paternal aunt Aya Biran Nirko, according to the Italian judiciary for child protection, who turned to the Tel Aviv Court after Eitan was brought without consent to Israel by her maternal grandfather Shmuel Peleg.

On 11 September, instead of returning the child to his aunt Aya in Pavia, Shmuel Peleg made him leave the national territory in the direction of Switzerland from where he then took him to Tel Aviv with a private plane. A move defended by the Peleg family according to which “there were no other choices” in the name of Eitan’s “good”. And grandfather Shmuel Peleg, in an interview with the media, explained that he had done so since he had “Lost faith in the Italian judiciary”. A statement that even then seemed to foreshadow one of the possible biased theses in favor of Eitan’s definitive stay in Israel. Faced with the facts, Aya Biran Nirko addressed an immediate request to the Court for the return of the child to Italy. In the opening hearing on 23 September – exactly 4 months after the tragedy of the cable car – the Israeli judge favored a “temporary” agreement between the two family branches (Biran and Peleg) according to which Eitan spent three days a week in her daily routine, pending the final decision, alternately with her aunt Aya and with her grandfather Shmuel Peleg, whose daughter Gali – sister of the child’s mother – has announced that it wants to ask for its adoption. The agreement – explained the lawyers of both sides while asking for the silence of the media – was based on the desire to maintain “the privacy of the child, who at this moment needs peace of mind” and whose “safety must be protected. and integrity “. So far – the Biran lawyers in Italy have now announced – the path has continued, albeit “with some adjustments that have not changed the approach”.

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