“I’m finished here, I’m going back to my job, who knows”

GFVip, Sonia Bruganelli hushes Adriana Volpe: “I’m done here, I’m going back to my job, who knows?” The eighth episode on Friday evening opens once again on the quarrel between the two commentators because of a photo, which his wife Bonolis, posted together with Giancarlo Magalli.

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During the week Adriana Volpe gave an interview in which she talked about the photo of Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe using not very nice words. Alfonso Signorini during the live broadcast of the eighth episode of Big Brother Vip he asks Sonia for a comment, who initially prefers to keep quiet then lets out: “The fact that she has been talking about it for two weeks has made this photo more famous than usual. Before talking about solidarity between women, think about it. I finished here I go back to my work, who knows. I don’t care what you say, you have lost credibility in my eyes. You have closedO”

«You’re turning the omelette – Adriana Volpe replies – When a person supports a thesis, swears, and then is lied to, it is obvious that journalists come and ask for a reaction. I said what I thought, but now we have crossed the line, now enough. The truth comes out», The lapidary Bruganelli« Even something else comes to the surface ».

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