Students with microchips and subsidies at the Sapienza University of Rome: InfoSapienza denies

We were missing only the concessions to students of the Sapienza University of Rome who decide to have sensor microchips installed, according to the alleged press release issued by InfoSapienza. An announcement that immediately made noise, a bit like what happened in recent days with the provocation of Meluzzi on tv, as we have reported through another articleor. By now we know, it is enough to take the graphics of a known institution, modify the text with meaningless concepts, and then spread it on social networks.

The microchip and subsidies at the Sapienza University of Rome: hoax on InfoSapienza

The game is done, if we think that many have really believed in the story that foresees the much feared installation of a microchip, obviously accompanied by economic benefits, at the Sapienza University of Rome. A story that, according to what collected through the fake press release of InfoSapienza, not only involves students, but all the staff who work at the university. Woe to questioning this story, perhaps throwing an eye into the official website.

Yes, because if these people had done it, without letting themselves go to “belly” and indignant re-sharing, they would probably have noticed that there is no such project. Even the colleagues of BUTAC, like us, have ascertained this by contacting InfoSapienza directly. It makes no sense to talk about microchips and subsidies at the Sapienza University of Rome, as someone has enjoyed making fun of the usual functional illiterates who believe all the stories that circulate on the web.

We too, a little while ago confirmed “insiders” of the aforementioned structure, that this is a totally invented news. No initiative linked to facilitations for the installation of body sensory microchips for students and staff. Zero economic incentives for those wishing to join the experimentation from the Sapienza University of Rome e let’s stop believing any custom graphics that run on Facebook.

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Students microchips subsidies Sapienza University Rome InfoSapienza denies

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