Climate, Parisi: ‘Insufficient government action’. Draghi: ‘We will help businesses change’ – Politics

“Businesses and governments should work together to tackle climate change. The G20 countries are responsible for 75% of global emissions “. Mario Draghi said this at the B20 Summit.” The Italian presidency of the G20 “works for a” collective “commitment.” We need private funding; on a large scale, together with more public investment, to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Businesses are right at the heart of the ecological transition. You will have to change your production structure, adapt to new energy sources and governments are ready to support you. ”

President Mattarella, speaking at the Conference Meetings with Africa, also invited us to break the delay and to intervene immediately to safeguard the climate

“The fight against climate change, it must be said very clearly, is not a sectoral action but transversally affects different areas: economic, productive, social and cultural and needs a common and unitary vision”. Thus the president of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, speaking at the Parliamentary Conference for the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) taking place in the Chamber.

For the Speaker of the House Roberto I am “we are faced with choices that cannot be postponed, which may entail economic or social costs in the short term, however far lower than the benefits deriving from the transition to a sustainable development model”, he said opening the proceedings of the PreCop26 parliamentary conference in Rome. “As the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres said a few days ago, ‘the world is on a catastrophic path towards 2.7 degrees of global warming’. If we do not reverse this we will undermine the very foundations of our own democratic systems” he concludes.

The intervention of the Nobel Prize in Physics is expected Giorgio Parisi, welcomed by a stanging ovation in Montecitorio. “Unfortunately, the actions taken by governments have not been up to this challenge and the results so far have been extremely modest “, said the Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi speaking to the Chamber, in the preparation meeting in view of COP26.” Humanity – added Parisi – must make essential choices, must strongly combat climate change . For decades, science has warned us that human behavior was laying the foundations for a dizzying increase in the temperature of our planet. “Getting out of the climate crisis is like driving at night:” the sciences are the headlights, but then the responsibility for not going astray belongs to the driver, who must also take into account that the headlights have a limited range “, said the Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi speaking in the Chamber at the meeting organized in view of COP26.” Your historical task – he said again addressing the parliamentarians – is to help humanity to go down a road full of dangers “.

In the fight against climate change “we are in a moment of great responsibility, because the G20 countries pollute the most. But at the same time it is a moment of great opportunity, because if we act boldly we will be able to mitigate global warming, when we will meet in Glasgow, carrying out negotiations with ambition. Going even beyond the objectives set by the Paris Accords “. The speaker of the US Chamber said so Nancy Pelosi at the Pre-Cop26 climate conference in Montecitorio.

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