Health Italia, title suspended after GDF investigation. Society: we strangers

(Teleborsa) – Health Italy, a company listed on AIM Italia and active in the Italian market of supplementary healthcare and the offer of solutions for the well-being of families and company employees, is involved in an investigation by the Guardia di Finanza which led to the seizure of over 21 million euros for an alleged scam against approximately 1,500 investors. The title is suspended from the quotations today, with a theoretical reduction of over 33% on the last trading price (2.84 euros).

According to Reuters, there is also the listing on the AIM (which took place in February 2017) among the episodes charged to the 11 suspects. In the seizure decree the listing is cited as self-laundering episode (i.e. when money is invested in an asset which is the result of a crime previously committed by the same person who then reinvests it). The magistrates write that the company at the time of the listing was directly attributable to a “corporate entity on which part of the proceeds of the scams had flowed”. The crimes hypothesized in the investigation conducted by the Milan prosecutor’s office are criminal association, fraud and self-laundering.

The alleged scam, which began in 2010, consisted in inducing investors to use their money “directly or through underwriting of insurance policies of the unit linked type issued by foreign companies, in funds managed by Maltese variable capital investment companies, which over time have proved to be lacking in liquidity “, reads a note from the Guardia di Finanza.” The network of financial companies with headquarters in Maltese territory was completely dismantled and the investor money was not used to fund the funds in question, having instead been routed to Italy, also passing through Swiss accounts, for the benefit of the same ‘placers’ of the insurance policies, authors of the fraud “, is added.

Health Italia, with reference to the investigation against the director Massimiliano Alfieri and the application of a preventive seizure against him, specified in a note late yesterday evening that “to be completely unrelated to the facts to which the investigation refers “. The company” will continue to monitor the developments of the affair in order to provide timely information to the market “, it is added.

Just 24 hours earlier, the company’s board had approved the demerger project partial proportional concerning the real estate compendium. The split would be functional to the project admission of Rebirth shares (company where the real estate compendium would flow) to negotiations on AIM Italia (Euronext Growth Milan), with the listing expected to take place within the first quarter of 2022.

(Teleborsa) 08-10-2021 13:23

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