Migrants, 12 Countries in Brussels: Border Wall Finance – World

Migrants, 12 Countries in Brussels: Border Wall Finance – World
Migrants, 12 Countries in Brussels: Border Wall Finance – World

New tools to protect the external borders of the EU in the face of migratory flows, also with the European financing of fences and walls: this is what is requested by the ministers of the interior of a dozen countries (Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and the Slovak Republic) in a letter addressed to the European Commission and the rotating presidency of the EU Council.

The issue of strengthening the external borders of the Union will be addressed by the meeting of the Ministers of the Interior of the 27 today in Luxembourg.

In the letter to the Commission and to the rotating presidency of the EU Council, the 12 countries ask for “new tools that make it possible to avoid, rather than deal with later, the serious consequences of overloaded migratory and asylum systems and exhausted reception capacities, which in the end negatively affect confidence in the ability to act decisively when needed. “

“At the same time – reads another passage in the document – these European solutions should aim at safeguarding the common asylum system by reducing pull factors”.

Spain reiterates: we need to cooperate with third countries

On migration “it is important to move forward with the internal dimension, but we cannot separate it from the external one, that is, the relationship of cooperation with countries of origin and transit”. This is the position reaffirmed by the Spanish Minister of the Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska upon his arrival at the EU Council, who recalled how the point is common for the group of EU Med5 countries (Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Greece). “We need transversal cooperation, which is not just focused on security. This is the best way to prevent irregular flows and fight against traffickers”.

Sweden: There are no EU rules against border walls

“There are no rules that prevent EU states from increasing their physical protection or building” walls or fences at the borders. If governments “want to do it, it’s up to them to decide”. This is the reaction of the Swedish Minister for Justice and Immigration, Morgan Johansson, regarding the letter that 12 Member States have sent to the European Commission and the Slovenian presidency of the EU Council, asking for the financing of the external border barriers with EU funds.

Count: flow is not resolved with barbed wire or walls

“The problem of immigration and the management of migratory flows cannot be solved either with barbed wire or with walls. In the coastal area you cannot erect barriers. We need to intervene with European management, to prevent the geopolitical crises that trigger migratory flows. It is necessary to work at an international level with the countries of origin and those of transit. The European Union cannot be militalized “. This was said by the president of the M5s Giuseppe Conte on the sidelines of a meeting for the administrative offices in Favara, in the Agrigento area.

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