so from October 15 the checks in the office –

so from October 15 the checks in the office –
so from October 15 the checks in the office –
The incoming decree on the controls for the Green Pass in the company

The news contained in a draft decree of the Prime Minister’s office to be approved between Friday 9 and Saturday 10 October. Technically, in agreement with the Ministries of Health and Digital Transition, it regulates the operating methods with which to check millions of Green Passes in unison (some estimates speak of over 15 million employees involved) avoiding queues and tensions at the entrance as much as possible of offices and factories. The tool, sources reveal, would be the natural evolution of the Verification C19 application already used by exhibitors and in public and private schools for the control of the QrCode linked to the Green Certificate of the staff in service in our institutes.

The node of privacy

The decree on the Green Pass in the company, in the process of parliamentary conversion (Dpcm 127 of 21 September 2021) so far establishes that the employer cannot keep the employee’s data, including the expiry of the Certificate because otherwise he would understand if he is vaccinated or not, but have to check day by day. With this functionality, the obstacle would be overcome because the companies would be queried through the health card system managed by the State General Accounting Office. Each card linked to a tax code. Which contains an alphanumeric code that allows you to anonymize the data of the worker allowing companies not to have to check daily whether all employees have the Certificate or not.

Dialogue between databases

The complexity of the operation lies in the communication between databases. It is no coincidence that the Ministry of Health, detects the draft of the Dpcm, has built a package of applications with an open source license (with free access), which allows the verification functions of the Green Certification to be integrated into the access control systems through the reading the QrCode. It allows us to communicate in asynchronous mode avoiding the queues in the offices because the control could also take place after entering the workplace by simply querying the employee’s tax code.

Guidelines in the PA

The novelties of the Dpcm intersect with the guidelines of the Public Function and Health ministries approved yesterday by the Unified Conference (State-Regions-Provinces-Municipalities) which regulate the modalities of return in the presence of state employees and the control mechanisms of the Green Pass. Pending the new application of Sogei – obviously usable also in the Public Administration where the Guarantor should give a favorable outcome – the two departments report that the assessment, for which each individual administration is competent, can be carried out daily and preferably at the access of the structure or at sample, not less than 20% of the staff present in service and with a rotation criterion, or even on the carpet, with or without the aid of automatic systems. It is also envisaged – for activities that require planning and scheduling, including shifts (such as transport such as trains, buses, ferries, funiculars) – that the employer may request the subjects obliged to communicate on the Green Pass to do so in advance , not exceeding 48 hours, strictly necessary to meet organizational needs and to ensure effective work planning. The possible sanctions in case of non-possession of the Green Certificate have also been clarified. The worker without the green pass will not be able to access or be removed from the workplace and will be considered unjustified absent, with loss of salary and any other emolument. An extra boost to the vaccination campaign: it is estimated that 10% of employees are not yet immunized.


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