“Bonucci, I didn’t expect that behavior”

Talking about Nazionale a Maracana, transmission of TMW Radio, was the former FIGC manager Antonello Valentini.

Did you get to know the referee who was attacked a few days ago, Andrea Melis?
“I talked to him last night with Trentalange, he introduced him to me. He is an enthusiastic guy, I don’t know if he will become a good referee but that’s not a problem. You don’t have to get your hands on the referees. disbar anyone who puts his hands on a referee. he had the maximum sentence, 5 years, but in the end we can find him back on the bench in a short time. And this is not good. It was a coward act, he did not expect that Fortunately, he returned to the field the following week, he resumed refereeing and it is a lesson in the spirit of service and a sense of responsibility “.

National, after 37 games comes the ko with Spain:
“It rarely happens to leave the stadium clapping the hands of the players who have lost. And yesterday it happened. The players did not spare themselves, they brought out their pride. There is no doubt that Spain’s individual dribbling and technical skills are Obviously. They could have scored even more goals. In my opinion Jorginho and Verratti are stamping their feet together, then they are not in great shape. So a different midfield must be built. I’m sure Mancini will not think about the sense of gratitude for the European Championship won. I would like a claim to supremacy in the minds of the players, as if these great victories should create a long annuity. I didn’t expect the boos at Donnarumma, they put him in difficulty. I didn’t expect Bonucci’s behavior. After the yellow card for protests , he could not afford that kind of foul. Mancini then made a small mistake, waiting to change only in the second half. He had to let Chielini in first, to create a sort of t imeout “.


Bonucci didnt expect behavior

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