From Tex to Dylan Dog: 80 years of Bonelli comics on display in Milan

Milan, 7 Oct. (askanews) – It was 1941 when the one known today as Sergio Bonelli Editore was born with the publication of the comic newspaper “L’Audace”. 80 years of stories, drawings, characters, ideas that have made the history of comics in Italy, have spanned generations and have given space to the creativity of hundreds of designers.

80 years now celebrated by an exhibition in Milan, at the Fabbrica del Vapore, which from 8 October 2021 to 30 January 2022 among many original tables, memorabilia, rarities and books from the 1940s tells the empire of creativity and passion set up through three generations: Gianluigi Bonelli, founder with his wife Tea Bertasi, who in 1945 took over the reins of the publishing house re-founding the Italian comic book publishing, alone in a purely male world, then his son Sergio, who died ten years ago, and now his nephew David.

Gianni Bono, curator of the exhibition, was inspired by the origins. “Gianluigi, creating the publishing house and a newspaper called ‘L’Audace’, decided to write about various genres, he had a very happy pen, he wrote very quickly and then wrote thriller, horror, mystery, science fiction, adventure – he explained – I decided to do the same thing, an exhibition by genres, to tell all the genres that Bonelli has ridden and continues to ride in 80 years “.

A journey among all the most beloved characters: Tex Willer, Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, Mister No, Julia, Dampyr, Nathan Never, Zagor, Dragonero with tables by great designers, such as Hugo Pratt and Dino Battaglia.

On show past, present but also future Michele Masiero, cartoonist and editorial director Sergio Bonelli publisher explained to askanews that for comics it is an “exciting” period for Italian comics, despite the difficulties of publishing in general. “There is a great deal of attention and respect for this medium that was seen a little with the stench under the nose and now it is seen with equal dignity, and is a fundamental creative basis for taking paper comics even beyond these frontiers; in recent years we have transformed ourselves into a media company and the goal of the future is to have paper comics but also our heroes in cinema on television, in animation, in video games “.

In fact, Bonelli is ready to debut at the cinema for the first film of what has already been called the “Bonelli Cinematic Universe” and which will have Dampyr as its protagonist.

Report by Lucilla Nuzzo

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