Boom of illegal immigrants in Europe. And in Italy landings doubled

Boom of illegal immigrants in Europe. And in Italy landings doubled
Boom of illegal immigrants in Europe. And in Italy landings doubled

Frontex alarm on the boom of illegal migrants arrived in Europe this year. “In 2021 134 thousand foreigners entered the EU illegally, 68% more than in 2020,” said Fabrice Leggeri, executive director of the European border control agency in a hearing yesterday morning at the Schengen Parliamentary Committee. The most massive surge was recorded towards our coasts on the sea route. “In the central Mediterranean, which particularly affects Italy, we see an 87% increase – in landings – since the beginning of the year,” explained Leggeri. “Arrivals from Libya and Tunisia have doubled – confirms the Frontex manager – We registered 48 thousand entries”. Almost seven times more than in 2019. In August there was the peak of landings with 10,271 arrivals on our shores. The first nationality of illegal immigrants is Tunisian (13,371 people) followed by illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Egyptians.

Just yesterday, yet another ship of the NGOs of the sea announced the return to Libya. “Let’s set sail! After 6 months, Open Arms is headed for the central Mediterranean for its 86 mission. Good bow, crew! », Reads on twitter. If the sea is the main entry channel into Italy exploited by human traffickers, the flow by land along the Balkan route is also increasing. Leggeri stressed that “it continues to be very active. In some cases, this route can affect Northern Italy, and even there the flows are doubling. Over 35 thousand people arrived irregularly in the EU via the Balkan route ». Yesterday in Trieste four Slovenian passeurs were arrested for transporting migrants across the border, charging € 500 per person.

On Wednesday evening, videos of pushbacks and violence of illegal migrants on the Croatian and Greek borders began to circulate in the international media. One of the sent back migrants filmed a brawny masked Croatian policeman half hidden in the bush who beat illegal immigrants across a river and sent them back to Bosnia. “I expect the Croatian government to investigate thoroughly,” said European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson. And he added that the images seem to indicate “orchestrated violence” combined with “wrong use of EU funds”. A new thorn in the European side is Belarus’s dirty game with migrants used as a “weapon” of pressure. Lukashenko’s reign “has put in place a policy of sending the flows of migrants to Lithuania, Poland and Latvia – explained Leggeri -. This is an action that the European Union considers as a form of blackmail aimed at removing sanctions ”. 14,000 crossing attempts have been rejected since August, and on Wednesday alone there were 667 along the Polish border.

There is currently no feared increase in arrivals of Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime, but it is too early. The journey to get to the Balkan route can take up to a year. “We are very careful because we know that Afghans are very numerous in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and these millions of people could be tempted to come to the European Union because they can no longer be repatriated to Afghanistan”, said Leggeri. The danger of terrorist infiltration should also not be underestimated.

“It is another very serious risk – according to the director of Frontex – The number of potential terrorists who use migratory flows is numerically limited, but the simple fact that it exists is serious”. One more reason to set up a European border police force of 20,000 men, but as Leggeri noted it will take six years.

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