Covid outbreak in hospital: 39 vaccinated for over 5 months / Israel case: even 5 dead

Covid outbreak in hospital: 39 vaccinated for over 5 months / Israel case: even 5 dead
Covid outbreak in hospital: 39 vaccinated for over 5 months / Israel case: even 5 dead

Despite the use of masks e vaccines anti Covid, in a hospital in Israel last July a outbreak, according to a study published in Eurosurveillance, the European journal on the surveillance, epidemiology, prevention and control of infectious diseases. At Meir Medical Center, a elderly patient entered dialysis without having performed the test Covid resulting then positive e infecting 41 people between patients, hospital staff and family members: 39 of the infected were completely vaccinated for more than five months. The vaccine has it though limited damage, given that elderly patients, hospitalized and with previous illnesses suffered the most, while younger doctors and nurses remained mostly asymptomatic.

It studio explains that the infection started from a fully vaccinated hemodialysis patient 70-year-old hospitalized in mid-July with fever and cough along with three other patients in the same room. The man it has not been tested for Covid because his symptoms have been mistaken for a possible bloodstream infection. Four days after admission, however, the patient was diagnosed with Covid. Soon after, his three roommates also tested positive and all were transferred to the Covid ward. Subsequently there were 27 other positive cases: in all 16 patients, nine health workers and two family members.

Israel hospital outbreak: “5 dead but with pathologies”

In the case of infected patients in hospital in Israel which caused a outbreak despite masks and vaccine, the mean age was 55 years and between 5 and 6 months had elapsed from the end of the vaccination course to infection. All health workers remained asymptomatic or with mild disease. Among the patients of average age 77 years, there are eight seriously ill, while five were in critical condition because they were fragile and with pathologies and they are dead. «Although the population exposed to the virus was highly vaccinated, the infection spread very quickly – the authors write – and many cases became symptomatic within two days of exposure, with high viral load. We cannot rule out that the protective measures were not worn optimally».

The study then focuses on third dose of vaccine: “Data from Israel indicates that the main reason for the increase in Covid-19 cases in the summer can be attributed to decreased immunity and a third dose of the vaccine, 5 months after the second dose. it could lead to a turnaround particularly in individuals with severe risk factors for Covid-19 ». Despite the outbreak, the vaccine has avoided worsening the situation and it is still good to wear the masks correctly and use the air filters: in an English hospital in Cambridge for two weeks the devices were on and for another two they remained off. In the general ward they were found Sars-CoV-2 particles when the filter was off, but not when it was on. Surprisingly, not many infectious particles were found in intensive care, even with the filter off. The authors explain the phenomenon by the fact that there can be one slower viral replication in the later stages of the disease.



Covid outbreak hospital vaccinated months Israel case dead

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