«The break with my brother Silvio like a mourning. Since 2007 he has not seen our parents and our sister »- Corriere.it

«The break with my brother Silvio like a mourning. Since 2007 he has not seen our parents and our sister »- Corriere.it
«The break with my brother Silvio like a mourning. Since 2007 he has not seen our parents and our sister »- Corriere.it
from Stefania Ulivi

The director gets naked with an autobiography, where he tells about Will Smith and Mike Bongiorno, Tom Cruise and «The Last Kiss». And the pain of detachment from the actor

Will Smith and Mike Bongiorno, the band of actors and friends from “The Last Kiss” and the baseball lesson of Tom Cruise, Minoli and Monicelli, the missing David and the use of social networks, the breakup with his brother Silvio and the fraternal friendship with Domenico Procacci, the first TV series and films ever made, the episodes of «Un posto al sole» and the Sanremo festival. Gabriele Muccino tells his story with an open heart in his autobiography, “La vita su”, created with Gabriele Niola (Utet editore, 17 euros, 307 pages). «A long ride of 24 years, half in Italy and half in America, straddling two very different cultures. I have opened every file in the memory in an honest way ».

“I got there thanks to my cousin, who worked at Mixer. He showed Minoli my shorts and commissioned me three, one on falling in love, jealousy and separation. Then for five months I did Un posto al sole. TV has been a gym, the goal has always been cinema ».

«That’s it», then «Like you no one ever», the success with «The Last Kiss».

“Until Like you, I had never been seen as a young promise, watched with attention and a sort of affection by Monicelli, Scola and Suso Cecchi, then that film breaks the spell. As if I had done too much and too far from what they recognized as Italian cinema. I was looking for my way of making films. It was the film that disrupted, unleashed the spirits. It wasn’t clear what label to wear, it looked like nothing. this inability to understand what kind of cinema I did was the reason why I had a lot of success and many detractors. Sundance won, remained in theaters for six months, collected 33 billion lire in years in which Pieraccioni and Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo went ».

And he pushed a new generation of actors, Santamaria, already in «That’s it», Accorsi, Mezzogiorno, Favino.

«A group of actors who have remained in the foreground in the panorama of Italian cinema, also linked to each other. The last kiss remains a point of reference, indeed their destinies have gone to resemble the characters they played, all of them, from Favino to Stefano to Pasotti to Accorsi. We joke about each other ».

«For a curious alignment of stars, in which Mike Bongiorno and also Corriere enter, with an interview by Giovanna Grassi with Will who spoke of the last kiss. Having the same agent I got to know him and he proposed The Pursuit of Happiness, it all happened in a rush. I didn’t even have time to understand the enormity of the event ».

“I was shooting a commercial with him and Fiorello and they call me from Hollywood. He heard me talking and complained to Fiore about my English. Eventually I go to his camper and there I get the final call. Surreal. It is very funny ».

The pages on his brother Silvio are more painful.

“I have not seen him since 2007, after this time a sort of mourning is developed, he did not want to meet me, on any occasion, my children, my parents, my sister, but also Giovanni Veronesi, Carlo Verdone, made a scorched earth around him by all those who loved him. His disappearance has torn the family fabric, everyone is missing a brother or son. It remains inexplicable, he will take stock of his life. He at one point made such serious statements about me, describing me as a violent man. It was napalm. The judicial papers say the opposite, the story ended with filing. In the book, I wanted to tell everything, I don’t discount myself as a man and a father ».

Were there any other contacts?

“In one of the last two films, I tried to make a move of superhuman strength to reset everything, starting at least professionally from where we left off, I wrote a character for him. But he didn’t want to know. He answers you with the lawyers and then that’s enough ».

With Domenico Procacci, Fandango, you have an almost brotherly relationship

«He is a great friend, fellow traveler, I have shared the most important moments of my life, both private and working. He is a real rocker. He was in the clinic when my first child was born, he was with me at Sundance, he ran to me, he was a comic maniac, when the chance to do Wolverine with Hugh Jackman, to explain to me the value of Wolverine, a film that was never made “

Like Dracula, Pontius Pilate, the biopic about Tyson. Which one do you regret most?

“One that I really cared about very much, which I prepared for six months, is Passengers, the actors were Keanu Reeves and Emily Blunt. Pontius Pilate was also very interesting. But no nostalgia or regrets. Bad choices I’ve made, What I know about love (with Gerald Butler) was a big mistake, it wasn’t fair, my sensibility suggested not to. I let myself be convinced ».

He also talks about his stuttering. A limit?

“It was a big problem as a boy because I couldn’t socialize, it was an extra push to make films, I tell stories more than I was able to do it with words”.

At the Rome Festival there will be a taste of the “At home all good” series for Sky.

“My first. I did it my way, Sky left me complete freedom with very good young actors ».

For the David, he made a name for himself as a rosicone.

“They can say what they want, but it remains a sensational thing is not that I have not been nominated for best director since 2003. I feel a sort of aversion regardless of what I do. I preferred to leave the Academy. I’m better off so I must say ».

He uses social media a lot, he repents every now and then?

“Yes, often. For example with the D’Innocenzo brothers who are also very nice to me and know fair play plus many others in this world. Social networks are not a means to communicate concepts or tell emotions, just to inform. Sometimes I don’t think about it ».

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