“No melons in Piazzapulita? Go where you want”

“No melons in Piazzapulita? Go where you want”
“No melons in Piazzapulita? Go where you want”

Did La Meloni decide not to be present at Piazzapulita tonight? We are in a free country, go where you want. This does not prevent us from making our transmission and continuing our inquiries, which we will also do tonight “. This is the dry reply of Corrado Formigli at Adnkronos, asked about the absence of Giorgia Meloni tonight at his broadcast despite the official invitation of the host addressed in recent days to the leader of the Brothers of Italy. The invitation was formulated after the airing, last Thursday, of the Fanpage investigation on the electoral campaign for the municipalities of Milan and in particular on the conduct of Carlo Fidanza, MEP of Fdi.

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“We would still have a balanced parterre – says Formigli – Guido Crosetto, a decent person and a free man able to have his say, will be with us, as will Alessandro Sallusti, Stefano Zurlo, Mario Calabresi, Antonio Padellaro and all the guests we will have tonight” . “Certainly – adds the conductor – I would have liked to have Giorgia Meloni, but evidently she had better things to do“.

Giorgia Meloni “said she would only come to us after having seen 100 hours of footage, obviously it was necessary to see them only if she came to us, if she goes elsewhere I understand that there is no need to answer the questions”, says Formigli . Meloni is now a guest at ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ hosted by Paolo Del Debbio.


”I’m still waiting. I am confident that the 100 hours of footage ” of the Fanpage video will be delivered to me. Or I wait for the judiciary to take its course because an investigation has been opened and I hope that I will know the victory from them, but it will certainly take time “, Meloni’s words in ‘Straight and reverse’, on Retequattro.” I want to know the truth, I’m ready to do anything. Fidanza has already been suspended. I ask for the truth in order to act accordingly. ” “Carlo Fidanza knows very well what the rules are in Fdi. I have known Carlo for 25 years, and basically it seems to me that he has always shared them. Carlo denies that any form of illegality has occurred, he says he used wrong words, but there is a investigation is underway and I don’t want to make mistakes, the issue is delicate “, he highlights.

“I am confident ” the 100 hours of footage of the Fanpage video.” I am waiting for them to be handed over to me or I am waiting for justice to take its course, because there is also an open investigation. I hope that eventually I will learn the truth from them at least. Of course it will take time, unfortunately. I hope that at least to them ”, to the judges, the ” 100 hours of film will give them. I think it’s due that they give it to them … ”.

” I was very impressed by what happened for the times and ways. And for my political ethics. Meanwhile, let’s clarify one thing: in Fdi there is no room for attitudes contrary to the choices made. Meanwhile, everyone knows that Fdi is a party that makes legality, honesty, the fight against the mafia the main reason for its work. And, as I have said a hundred times, it is a party where there is no room for attitudes that are nostalgic for fascism, for the hypothesis of racism and anti-Semitism, which are light years away from our DNA … ”, he continues.

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