“It is not so”. And he blurts out with Lilli Gruber – Il Tempo

“It is not so”. And he blurts out with Lilli Gruber – Il Tempo
“It is not so”. And he blurts out with Lilli Gruber – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

07 October 2021

Mimmo Lucano was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months for a series of crimes including conspiracy, abuse of office, fraud, embezzlement, ideological falsehood and aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Guest of Lilli Gruber in the show “Otto e Mezzo” on LA7, the former mayor of Riace, very tried, denied having spent public money for a trip to Buenos Aires and defended his actions: “It all seems absurd, the true story is not like that. They have distorted reality “.

He also gets angry with the presenter when he starts talking, he immediately blocks her and denies having ever taken money for himself: “No attention” he exclaims, but Gruber insists: “But he made false declarations, false contracts”. “This is not reality, there is a wrong description that distorts reality”, he replies while connected. When the presenter tries to ask again then the former mayor blurts out: “You won’t let me talk, I already have a very high level of suffering”.

And then he unleashes: “If I took money for me? Also from the records of the trial it emerges that I never took it, the officer of the Guardia di Finanza also said so. I think there was a fury not towards my person , but towards the idea that I represent of welcoming migrants which for me was also a rebirth of places. I would do it all again. I gave my life to try to make a contribution to my land “.

In the studio, the lawyer and political activist Anna Falcone, a candidate for the regional in Calabria in support of Luigi De Magistris, reiterated what was said hotly, that is, that the sentence of Mimmo Lucano is a black page for the whole country: “In the Courts c ‘it is written that the law is the same for everyone and applies to citizens and mayors. The magistrates are called to apply the law, with Lucano it was a strange application and I say this as a lawyer not as an activist. With great difficulty it is possible to identify the two constitutive elements of the crimes, that is the objective and the subjective one, the facts are not fully integrated and in many cases the psychological element is not integrated. In the disputed crimes one of the elements is the patrimonial advantage, direct or indirect, which does not exist, the psychological advantage of the associative crime does not exist. The conflict is also internal: a 2019 Supreme Court ruling ruled on precautionary measures for mimmo Lucano demolishing the accusatory system. The investigating judge of Locri and the Review Court went ahead as if nothing had happened and so did the trial judge ”.

Anna Falcone concludes with a severe judgment on the work of the judges: “I believe that there has been a partial application of the laws in which the specific and generic extenuating circumstances have not been applied and not even the extent of the penalty that must be commensurate with the crime, here was raised to the maximum possible. You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand that this sentence has nothing to do with what Lucano did ”.

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