“The Juventus fans want you back.” And Pogba replies: “I always hear my former teammates …”

On the sidelines of the comeback victory against Belgium, Paul pogba gave a brief interview to Sport Mediaset. Here are his statements.

It was a great match. What happened in the first half?
“We started very well: twenty-five minutes of quality with the ball, then with their players they were very good on the counterattack. We got low and we conceded two goals very quickly, stopping playing with the ball. In the second half it was. another game: we played from France, very well. “

Would you have preferred to face Italy?
“The reality is that Spain won, and so we will play with them. It was a very good match: I’m happy with the game we played, the second half was great.”

Many Juventus fans would like you back to Turin …
“I always talk to my former teammates, like Paulo. I’m in Manchester, I still have one year on my contract, and then we’ll see. I want to finish well there, and then let’s see what happens.”

But in Turin you are fine …
“Yes (laughs, ed)”.


Juventus fans Pogba replies hear teammates

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