Fifa Revolution: EA Sports plans to change the name

EA Sports announces record data for FIFA 22, but in the meantime it is preparing for the revolution: as the company itself reports, the historic video game series could soon change its name. The FIFA Series would thus suffer what has already happened for the “rival” Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), now called Efootball following the rebranding.

“It’s been an exciting two weeks for EA SPORTS, as we officially launched FIFA 22. We are very proud of this year’s game, and we love to see the excitement of players around the world as they enter the experience.” reports the company note.

“Since launch, we’ve already had 9.1 million players joining the game, 7.6 million Ultimate Team squads created and 460 million games played. We will continue to deliver incredible experiences throughout the season, but first – a heartfelt thanks to our amazing community of football fans.

While we’re only just beginning our journey with you in this year’s game, we’re also focused on where we’ll go from here. We are here to create the best experiences for football fans around the world. To do this, let’s start by listening to our players.

We have consistently felt that what matters most is the growth of the global community, the creation of innovative football experiences through new platforms, a commitment to every level of the sport, including the grassroots, and a greater elevation of the women’s game. Consequently, we have a clear vision for the future of football.

Through years of building our global franchise, we also know that authenticity is essential to the experience. That’s why we focus so much energy on the collective strength of over 300 individually licensed partners giving us access to more than 17,000 athletes from over 700 teams, in 100 stadiums and over 30 leagues around the world.

We continually invest in partnerships and licenses that are most meaningful to players, and thanks to this, our game is the only place where you can authentically play in the iconic UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga, and LaLiga Santander, among many others. The breadth of our partnerships and our licensed content ecosystem will allow us to continue to bring unmatched authenticity to our EA SPORTS football games now and for many years to come.

Looking ahead, we are also exploring the idea of rename our soccer games Global EA SPORTS. This means that we are reviewing our agreement on the naming rights with FIFA, which is separate from all of our other official partnerships and licenses in the world of football.

The future of football is very big and very bright. Our priority is to make sure we have every opportunity to continue providing the greatest interactive football experiences in the world. Thanks again for your support and feedback on this year’s game. We look forward to creating the future of football with you “.

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