Reinventing non profit 2021, the third sector restarts from Milan

Milan, 7 Oct. (askanews) – Invisible disabled. Those of the play taken from the show “Stronger than destiny” by Antonella Ferrari, actress and ambassador of AISM, the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association – a disease with which she herself has lived for years – but not only. They and much more were discussed in Milan during Reinventing Non Profit 2021, the sixth edition of the event dedicated to third sector professionals, to collect ideas and systematize the best skills to build a better future, as he explained. Francesco Quistelli, CEO of Atlantis Company and founder of Reinventing. “Reinventing non-profit – he said – was created to give non-profit organizations new ideas, new life and new sparks for innovation in the third sector and, therefore, be able to create a mechanism virtuous that allows non-profit associations to be increasingly effective and efficient, for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the same organizations and of the social causes that non-profit organizations deal with “. In 2 days, more than 25 training events and over 60 speakers of exception, including, precisely, Antonella Ferrari and the journalist Cristina Parodi, ambassador and godmother of the Cesvi Foundation, to share knowledge and est practice on communication, fundraising and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in order to rebuild and relaunch the third sector, especially after the difficult months of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still underway. “The third sector has suffered, like all companies and organizations, this past year and a half pandemic. Compared to profit-making companies, let’s say, non-profit organizations have always been used to managing limited resources and content – Quistelli specified – so they managed to manage the pandemic in the best possible way. He certainly suffered the effects of not being able to meet his donors within events and exhibitions, but he activated all the digital and online resources that he could activate, so it was also, in the negative, a moment of transformation and new opportunities for everything for the whole sector “. Representatives of the Cesvi Foundation, the San Raffaele Hospital and the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform also took part in the event and a photograph of the state of health of solidarity in Italy was presented, through the 19th survey on the trend of the fundraising of the non-profit organizations of the Italian Donation Institute and of the third report on the gift in Italy, to understand where we are and what are the prospects for the future. “The ideal prospects – concluded the creator of the event – are those of combining the positive change that has been generated by the pandemic, with the history of the non-profit world, therefore the ability to involve the people nor in social causes. So to create trust, to create relationships, to also have economic resources on the part of individuals and companies. We hope that the financial capacity of the non-profit will improve more and more because the desire, on the part of people and companies, to support it will improve more and more. And everything passes from communication, fundraising, internal organization, ethical approach, transparency; all topics that we will discuss and are dealing with at Reinventing non profit 2021 “.


Reinventing profit sector restarts Milan

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