New pensions, now we start with the pension reform – Il Tempo

New pensions, now we start with the pension reform – Il Tempo
New pensions, now we start with the pension reform – Il Tempo

Filippo Caleri

07 October 2021

The crux of the pension reform is played out over the next two months. And the terrain of composition of the various instances on the subject will be that of the Budget Law. Yesterday, during the hearing on the Update of the document on economics and finance, before the joint budget commissions of the Senate and the Chamber, the Minister of the Economy, Daniele Franco gave only the trace but no clue. “In the Nadef there is no mention of the question of pensions, it is one of the open questions that we will address in the Budget Law”. Franco added that “in Nadef we mentioned some possible use of resources but it is not necessarily an exhaustive list”. A green light in fact for the discussion with the trade unions who have immediately made it clear what they are aiming for in the imminent retirement of Quota 100 scheduled for next December 31st.

The government’s promise of strengthening the social Ape to increase the audience of those who can use it does not seem sufficient. All the acronyms agree to raise the bar following the principle of flexibility in output for all. So check, either at the age of 62, or with 41 contributions. Once the requirements are met, the worker would be free to leave the post. It will not be easy to make the executive digest such a change of pace on the social security issue considering the allergy of Brussels to loosen the meshes of the Fornero law which would resurrect next January 1 in the absence of interventions. Also for this reason, the workers’ organizations asked Franco for clarification on what will happen at the end of “Quota 100” and if there is also a “guarantee” service in the plans, which “enhances” the periods without contributions, in which they are to be included those of training and unemployment. In short, the pressing of CGIL, CISL and UIL on the Government has now begun. Heard yesterday in the Labor Commission in the Chamber, the acronyms called for the need to “restore social balance” in the social security structure, through an “overall review”, given that “the fully paid cohorts up to 2011 have now been exhausted” . In fact – they continued – “about 200 thousand people are still fully paid. And whoever retires from now on will have at least 2/3 of the social security basket of a contributory nature ».

Obviously you can ask for everything, but without the necessary resources to finance the measures there is not much room for negotiation. The accounts are soon done. To finance the three years of “Quota 100” which allowed the early exit of about 341 thousand employees up to 31 August, 18.8 billion of expenses incurred and to be incurred were used. For the social Ape and the possibility of retirement for those who started working as a young man and found themselves in difficulty, since 2017, about five billion have been set aside, between costs faced and to be faced, for just over 127 thousand outgoings in nearly five years. In the Maneuver, other resources must be allocated to the funds to increase the list of strenuous activities that would allow for early retirement, or to have the Ape allowance, given that after years of calm prices this year a rising inflation rate reappeared. Finally, the three acronyms CGIL, CISL and UIL point to the “guarantee pension” that fills the contribution “holes” of discontinued workers, an idea created to guarantee “a decent amount of future allowances for young people”. Finally, for the UGL “an extension of Quota 100 by at least one year would not be excluded a priori”.

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