Government, Salvini sees Draghi: “From now on, confrontation once a week”. Palazzo Chigi: “Commitment to taxes and reopening”

Government, Salvini sees Draghi: “From now on, confrontation once a week”. Palazzo Chigi: “Commitment to taxes and reopening”
Government, Salvini sees Draghi: “From now on, confrontation once a week”. Palazzo Chigi: “Commitment to taxes and reopening”

After the turmoil on land registry and discos, Mario Draghi e Matteo Salvini they find themselves at the peace table. The meeting between the two, which began at 16.30 a Chigi palace, lasted exactly one hour. “An hour of confrontation with President Draghi. Very useful meeting: shared proposals and solutions and a commitment to discuss the future of Italy every week. The newspapers write what they want: a loyal, frank and direct relationship solves every problem and find solutions ”, tweets the leader of the League. And he adds: “Starting again with the 35% capacity is not possible, I asked to reopen immediately with higher numbers discos “and to” accelerate the restart “of”cultural activities e SPORTS“. Finally, Salvini makes it known that he had asked “that the duration of tampons increase from 48 to 72 hours, as expected by other European countries, and the extension of the use of quick, free or low-cost tampons”. A note from the government, on the other hand, makes it known that at the center of the interview – held “in a climate cordial and constructive ”- there was“ the theme of economic growth: the commitment to avoid any increase in tax burden and to continue along the path of reopenings, taking into account the improvement of the epidemiological situation “.

Letta: “The usual film”, Conte: “Difficult to trust” – The secretary of the Democratic Party is skeptical, Enrico Letta: “Salvini da Draghi? It’s always the same movie. Salvini tells the town a story, then goes to Palazzo a Chigi e everything goes back to the way it was before. It doesn’t seem like a big news to me. It is now also tiring to comment on this play. The problem is not with the government, it is with the League ”, he attacks. “I don’t know what“ all cleared up ”means for Salvini. If he continues to change with various second thoughts it is really difficult to trust ”, said the president of the 5 Star Movement instead Giuseppe Conte. Before the meeting at Palazzo Chigi, the Northern League secretary met for about forty minutes (in his office in the Senate) with the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti – considered his main domestic opponent – and with the governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga. The Carroccio delegation, government sources confirm, will be present at cabinet today, immediately before which Salvini also met with his ministers. “The government is writing the rules on reopening. Let’s see, we are working on the text, ”says Giorgetti.

Draghi goes straight: “Two CDMs a week” – Not even 24 ore of confusing threats, therefore, and a lukewarm reassurance was enough to bring back the protests of the Carroccio: in the morning Salvini tried to relaunch by saying that it is not the prime minister who worries him, but who will come after him. But from the executive front they show no signs of concern. Indeed the Prime Minister, speaking at the press conference after the first control room on Pnrr, confirmed the schedule: “I said that we will do two Councils of Ministers a week because it is a working method that I try to give, it is not that if there are 23 we pull our hair. They will be on average two a weekHowever, I never said that there will be 24, you did the calculation, ”he said. And he also announced that they will move forward on another sensitive issue for the League: bathing concessions. “We are thinking about the issue of seaside resorts. Among other things, there are a series of sentences of the Council of State expected shortly and therefore it is perhaps appropriate to see what they say ”.

Salvini: “I trust Draghi, but who will be there in a year?” – In the morning Salvini, speaking to Rtl 102.5, he tried to keep the point. The provocations of the past few hours must certainly be evaluated considering the post-electoral climate: the Northern League’s defeat at the administrative offices pushed Salvini to provoke the executive until he got to avert a crisis. Speaking about the Carroccio’s state of health, he said: “These are headlines that I have been reading for years, for many newspapers the League has been dead for years, Salvini has been slapping for years, but we are still here. We will bring pro-European positions to the Council of Ministers and ask for substantial reopening. In the government program there is a no to new taxes. I trust Draghi today but who will be there in a year? 80% of Italians have a home ”. And he added: “I ask you to remove that paragraph of the update, everything else is fine”.

Pd: “League in a state of confusion” – The opinion of the Democratic Party is clear: “Salvini is one mine for the government and for Draghi ”, the deputy secretary of Giuseppe Provenzano told SkyTg24. “The elections have thrown the League into a confusion. Salvini follows the electoral calendar, his is a reaction foul. The real defeated by the administrative is Salvini with the League “. While the M5s leader Conte, to the journalists who asked him for a forecast on the duration of the government, replied: “I don’t have the glass ball, I can answer for the behavior of the M5s: a policy of loyal collaboration and absolute determination to accompany the Country at this stage. We are focused: protection from the health point of view, go this last mile, and then have the PNRR applied effectively. Then if other political forces such as the League have a wavering attitude this worries us, but I certainly cannot answer for their actions. Objectively, the signals coming from the League are conflicting: I hope they can find a political synthesis and linearity of action as soon as possible. Obviously these continuous changes could make government action very difficult ”.

Zaia: “The two souls of the party? Both fundamental “ – Meanwhile, the president of the Veneto Region also spoke today Luca Zaia, trying to minimize friction. “The debate is understandable, it is the sign of a living democracy,” he told al Corriere della Sera. “But we are in a government project and we have to be convinced of it. If there are doubts they must be clarified ”. Has the League not yet decided whether to let the spirit of government or the soul of struggle prevail? “But we have millions of souls. This specificity has always been the subject of debate. The two components are fundamental, like two conjoined twins. One cannot live without the other. A League without a struggle would no longer be the League, but even without a government (I think of our mayors) it would not make sense. The real skill lies in keeping the two souls alive thus preventing the train from derailing ”.

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