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“Fighettino”, “Good result”: the fight breaks out with Paragone

“Fighettino”, “Good result”: the fight breaks out with Paragone
“Fighettino”, “Good result”: the fight breaks out with Paragone

The post-election climate is still glowing. The air that pulls, in short, it is not the best. Especially for whom, how Gianluigi Paragone, failed to establish itself by a whisker. This morning, speaking on La7 in the program of Myrta Merlino, the journalist and leader of Italexit became the protagonist of a clash with Oscar Farinetti. Annoyed by the entrepreneur’s presence in the video, Paragone had initially expressed his disappointment on Facebook. “Calling Farinetti to comment on abstention as a guest, means not having understood anything“, he had attacked the politician during an impromptu live on social media. Then the outburst continued on live TV.

Connecting with The air that pulls, in fact, Paragone defined the founder of Eataly a “pussy“. In short: a privileged person far from the real country.”If he wants, I’ll take him to see the shit in the suburbs“, he added, addressing him directly. At that point, Farinetti replied with a piqued tone and the fight broke out.”Paragone is right, I don’t understand anything about suburbs and politics, he understands everything. In fact, we noticed the exceptional result of his list in the elections“, commented the entrepreneur, sarcastically alluding to the 2.99% achieved in Milan by Italexit, since it did not allow Paragone to enter the new city council. “You don’t understand a pipe of politics, in a month I made 3% in Milan“, the journalist retorted, before Farinetti gave him another jab:”You have made a number more or less equal to the auditel of your broadcasts“This time, a reference to his interlocutor’s past as a TV presenter.

But the sparks continued even in the finale, when Paragone, taking leave of Farinetti, exclaimed: “Hello fighettino!“. Only the intervention of the presenter has brought an apparent calm on the talk show. Until the next round, of course.


Fighettino Good result fight breaks Paragone

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