Merkel: «A relationship of trust with Draghi. My love for Italy will continue “

“Italy remains Italy, it cannot represent Europe or guide European destinies alone as I have seen written in these days”. Thus the Prime Minister Mario Draghi after meeting the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Palazzo Chigi. “We agreed on the fact that Italy and Germany should better coordinate their positions on the management of environmental and energy dossiers – he added on the occasion of the press point that took place at Palazzo Chigi at the end of the meeting -, especially as regards the impact of these policies on our businesses ”.

«From the beginning with Mario Draghi we have established this relationship of trust between us and we have already faced some things and we have started them» said Merkel.

With Merkel in agreement on EU and Libya defense

«With the Chancellor – said Draghi – we talked about the implications for Europe of the new American foreign policy, and we agreed on the need to accelerate the processes of building a foreign policy and a European defense. We also discussed Libya, a topic that we will deepen on November 12 at the Paris Conference together with France ».

Merkel, Draghi guarantor of the euro

«Maybe it will be our last bilateral meeting, I am very pleased to be here. In a few months of collaboration, a very close collaboration has been created, ”said the German chancellery. “Even when he was at the Central Bank, we collaborated and Draghi was a guarantor of the euro,” he stressed.

The Chancellor: My love for Italy will continue

“My love for Italy will continue, I will stay in Rome, I will return to Italy in other guises,” assured the German chancellery.


Merkel relationship trust Draghi love Italy continue

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