The less fortunate Milanese who will go to see the opera at the Teatro alla Scala

When they walk in front of the Teatro alla Scala they dream of being able to enter it to attend a show. But despite having lived in Milan for several years, they have never been able to even visit the adjacent museum: for them even the entrance ticket, of about ten euros, represents an excessive cost. This is the story of some guests of Pane Quotidiano, whose desire to be able to attend an opera in the prestigious theater will soon become a reality. Thanks to an initiative of a volunteer of the association, the pianist Lucia Martinelli, and to the contribution of the Municipality, three people in need for one evening will be able to forget the problems of their difficult existence, focusing only on music, costumes and dancing.

The idea of ​​bringing some poor people to the theater came from Pane Quotidiano. “For three years – says Lucia – every Saturday morning I have been volunteering at the headquarters of the association, packing food for the guests in line. I am a musician and after a while I said to myself: why not let them listen to good music while waiting to receive the meal? So together with other volunteers we equipped ourselves with a box and created playlists of classical music, rock and rap “.

The initiative was greatly appreciated by the guests of the association and some of them also liked the pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, as well as the arias of some operas. Among all, the opera Il barbiere di Siviglia by Rossini was listened to with more pleasure. This is how the idea of ​​bringing the most enthusiastic people directly to the theater to see it took shape. The closure of the Scala due to the pandemic slowed the implementation of the project, but now, thanks to the Municipality that immediately joined the initiative by offering tickets, three people – an Indian lady, a boy and his mother, from Ukraine, all very music lovers – will finally be able to go to the opera for free.

Some of the people who find themselves in difficulty turn to Pane Quotidiano have a life behind them in which art, culture and music still found their place. Isabella, for example, the Ukrainian woman who will be able to attend the show, has a degree in philology, worked in the fashion world and had a clothing store in her country. With the revolution, however, he had to close everything, losing a lot of money. Always in love with Italy, she managed to get there in 2017 and with the few savings left she bought a small apartment in Milan and survived, together with her son, for the first time. Then she was forced to turn to Pane Quotidiano, because even the job as a maid she had found in the meantime was not enough to support herself.

“When I made this proposal, the president of the city council immediately answered yes – the volunteer still remembers -. Among the guests of Pane Quotidiano we chose those most interested and who showed greater enthusiasm for the idea of ​​being able to attend one La Scala show. The two ladies will use an elegant suit that they managed to recover. The boy, on the other hand, is worried because he doesn’t have the right shoes, but I told him it doesn’t matter. I will accompany them and it will be a beautiful evening “.

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