“Let’s clarify the doubts, but let’s move forward with conviction” – Corriere.it

“Let’s clarify the doubts, but let’s move forward with conviction” – Corriere.it
“Let’s clarify the doubts, but let’s move forward with conviction” – Corriere.it
from Cesare Zapperi

The governor of Veneto: we of struggle and of government, like Siamese twins. A responsible force knows how to discuss and confront each other to find a solution

«It is evident that we have not sailed with the wind in the stern. But all the attention has been concentrated on the big cities where the Lega alle Comunali has always struggled more ». The president of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia looks at the electoral round with the eye of those who have seen only successes in its territory and invites them to give balanced judgments.

The results in Milan, Bologna, Naples, Turin and Rome are not exciting.

«In Milan we only had one mayor of the League and we have to go back to ’93 -’97. We never reached Turin and Bologna. In the South we don’t talk about it. This time, let’s take home at least the ballots of Turin and Rome. And in any case we leave the electoral round with 69 more mayors ».

A little bit, given what happened in Milan, at your home.

“We certainly could have done better. The outgoing mayor had appeal
, he was well known and with solid relationships. We have made some mistakes to learn from ».

Salvini said he was wrong to designate the mayoral candidate late.

“Well, we can’t present the candidate a week before the election campaign starts. Whoever aspires to lead an administration must have the time to develop a project and present a program ».

Wasn’t it a mistake to focus on civic candidates?

“No, that’s not the theme. If you can count on a star you can face the race in a short time. It makes me think, for my passion for horses, in Varenne. One kick was enough for him and he was ready to triumph. Otherwise, it takes time and patience to make yourself known. Trying, if possible, not to commit false steps ».

What are you referring to?

«It seems to me that in the middle of the electoral campaign the candidate from Milan threatened to withdraw by placing an either / or. So it weakened by itself ».

It is a fact that the League has accused a decline in consensus.

«But the vote of the municipalities cannot be compared to that of the European or regional ones where we have shone. That said, there hasn’t been any debacle. The ups and downs in politics are like Vico’s courses and appeals. The real test is another ».


«The political elections. For that challenge we must strengthen ourselves, leveraging on two components: a strong identity and a culture of governance ».

That of the governors?

“We have plenty of time to show that we are a movement of struggle but also of government. In the territories we have received the popular mandate to lead the administrations and we do it well ».

It seems that you are no longer convinced that you support the executive.

«The debate is understandable, it is the sign of a living democracy. But we are in a government project and we must be convinced. If there are doubts they must be clarified ».

The clash over the patrimonial inflames the spirits.

“We are against new house taxes. I also signed a document with the other center-right governors to reiterate this. If it is true that there will be no assets, the matter must be closed in three seconds “.

Is this an issue that in itself could justify a farewell from the Lega to the government?

“We are in government and we want to be in the interest of the country. I don’t know the Roman dynamics. I think that a responsible force knows how to discuss and confront each other to find a solution and so that we can move forward without delay ».

The League has not yet decided whether to let the spirit of government prevail or that of struggle.

«But we have millions of souls … This specificity has always been the subject of debate. The two components are fundamental, like two conjoined twins. One cannot live without the other. A League without a struggle would no longer be the League, but even without a government (I am thinking of our mayors) it would not make sense. The real skill lies in keeping the two souls alive thus preventing the train from derailing ».

October 6, 2021 (change October 7, 2021 | 08:56)


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