the earnings of streamers revealed by a hacker attack-

the earnings of streamers revealed by a hacker attack-
the earnings of streamers revealed by a hacker attack-
from Riccardo Lichene

Confirmation that Amazon is working on its own video game store also emerges from the stolen data: it will be called Vapor and will be integrated directly into Twitch

On the night of October 6-7, an anonymous hacker posted a 125GB data package on the internet containing the entire Twitch source code. including the revenue of the highest paid streamers as of 2019 and some valuable information that suggests that Amazon Vapor, the much-talked-about Steam rival developed by the ecommerce giant, might indeed exist.

, but wrote that he still does not know the extent of the violation.

What they hacked

The content of the attack was posted on 4chan and was described by her unidentified source as part one of an extremely pogge leakr (famous term on Twitch for beating an opponent and covertly bragging about it ed), stating that it contains:

> The entire source code of, with a history going back to its beginnings

> Twitch clients for mobile, desktop and console

> Various internal AWS services (Amazon Web Services, site framework and hosting) used by Twitch

> Any other property owned by Twitch, including IGDB and CurseForge

> Vapor: The Steam competitor in development by Amazon Game Studios

> And, in the hacker’s words, All Creator Payments Reports from 2019 to Today. Find out how much your favorite streamer is really earning!

The consequences

The fact that Twitch is now a disgusting toxic cesspool was the motivation given by the hackers along with the desire to promote competition in the online video streaming space. They add: we have them completely pwnd (term from the gaming world that derives from Owned: beaten with a hint of humiliation ed). There was also the hashtag
DoBetterTwitch. We have verified that this is a working torrent and some anonymous sources within Twitch have already confirmed that the data is legitimate. The consequences of a hacker attack like this can be enormous. Clearly the first thing anyone with a Twitch account should do change your password immediately and set up two-factor authentication. Twitch, however, has already reported that by not hosting full credit card numbers on its site, they could not be leaked. The long-term problems, however, will be much more complex. Only the financial information of the big names in streaming will have a devastating impact on Twitch. Talk about online earnings tab for top creators as well

, in the millions of dollars, are public, spectators and competitors can get an idea of ​​the mountain. of money circulating among so few individuals.

The future of the platform

Inside the leaked data there is also information on Vapor, the alleged rival of Steam developed by Amazon, which would integrate a video game store into the Twitch platform. More information will likely come to light as the leaked data is investigated as well all of this marked as part one, suggesting that much more information may have been compromised in the hack. The attack comes at a time of great tribulation for Twitch, with the hashtags # DoBetterTwitch / # TwitchDoBetter at the forefront of social networks demonstrating users’ efforts to request better service from the platform, including boycotts to demand action against hate raids. This hacker attack is likely to cause a lot of problems for Amazon as well: As the hacker on 4Chan said, Jeff Bezos paid $ 970 million for Twitch, we give it away for FREE.

Who are the richest streamers in the world

Over the past 24 months, the highest-paid channel on Twitch has earned just under $ 10 million from the Amazon-owned company, according to leaks. These do not include how much channel owners earned through YouTube where they cut versions of Twitch content for users of the Google platform, not counting all advertising partnerships or other forms of revenue. The channel, Critical Role, run by a self-described group of “nerdy voice actors,” which streams everything from elaborate “Dungeons & Dragons” campaigns, to talk shows and lo-fi music. In second place is xQcOW, the Flix Lengyel channel that stole Twitch’s most viewed single person status from Ninja. He is a former Ovewatch pro who now does everything and has earned $ 8.5 million in the last 24 months. Completing the top 5 are TFEU (5 million), king of Fortnite and ultra-controversial personality, NICKMERCS (5 million) who somehow combined body building and shooter, Ludwig (3 million), protagonist of the live marathon of over a month, and TimThe Tatman (3 million), the world’s first Call of Duty Warzone content creator.

The scroungers of Italy

The richest of our local creators ZanoXVII (which mainly deals with Fifa), which in about 26 months earned $ 1,310,925. Immediately after him comes POW3Rtv (aka Giorgio Calandrelli, he deals with Fortnite and shooter) with a gain of 778,962.76 dollars (124th) and 1.7 million followers. In third place is IlMasseo with 540,864.81 dollars (239th) and 1.4 million followers followed by TheRealMarzaa: $ 258,177.88 earned (660th) and 894,171 followers. MatteoHS closes the top 5 with 393,357.59 dollars in his pocket (382th) and 789,593 followers.

Women are only 3% of the highest paid

Unfortunately, no one was surprised by the confirmation that most of the platform’s most successful content creators are men. What is really shocking is the disparity. Of the top 100 streamers by following and earning, only three of them are female. The first streamer on the list the player of Valorant Pokimane in 39th place. After her is cosplayer Amouranth at 48 and music streamer Sintica at 71. Excluding multi-person streams (like Critical Role), there are no women in the top third of Twitch’s highest-paid content creators list.

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