Summits of Medicine, Sambuceti does not reapply. Ruggeri takes the field

Summits of Medicine, Sambuceti does not reapply. Ruggeri takes the field
Summits of Medicine, Sambuceti does not reapply. Ruggeri takes the field

Medicine, Ruggeri candidate for dean

The elections for the renewal of the top management of Medicine are approaching and there is already the first surprise. The headmaster Gian Mario Sambuceti, who had won by one vote in the last round of elections, will not stand again even if, according to the medical academic world, he would not have minded presenting himself for a second term. Next week he could announce his decision at a meeting that has already been called for some time. Piero Ruggeri, professor of human physiology and course coordinator, took the field, apparently with the approval of the rector Federico Delfino. Always very close to the former rector Giacomo De Ferrari, during the penultimate electoral campaign for the rector he had sided alongside Professor Martelli, after the victory of Paolo Comanducci, he had no longer had any positions. Now, according to internal sources, there would have been the green light from the top management of the University of Genoa. At this point it seems unlikely that there are other candidates, but twists and turns are not excluded.

Asl 4, Mortello arriving in the Petralia staff

The director of Asl 4 Paolo Petralia was clear with immediately: he needs a team of experience to carry out his renewal project. . His staff already includes the administrative director Roberto Bertorello and the medical director Francesco Orlandini, the pillars of the company. The social and health director is Maria Elena Secchi, former rheumatologist of the ASL 3 who also dealt with school medicine during the Covid emergency, while previously she had worked as a health director in some private retirement homes. Among other things, she is the wife of number three of the Order of Doctors of Genoa, Federico Pinacci. Petralia, however, also wants Daniela Mortello, now manager of Alisa after having worked in the Region and in the Municipality, who was the favorite in the competition for the social and health management.

Alisa, Scuderi will lead the communication
Handing over to Alisa’s press office. Andrea Scuderi is the new communications manager of the Ligurian healthcare company which is headed by Filippo Ansaldi and has its headquarters in Piazza della Vittoria, in Genoa. Scuderi, who has a long journalistic experience and was director of the television station Primocanale for four years, won the selection of Alisa for a fixed-term contract. In his new and delicate assignment he will receive the baton from Valentina De Riz who has managed the communication with great commitment and professionalism. Four journalists had signed up for the selection but only two showed up. The Order of Journalists was represented in the competition commission by Renato Sirigu, former press office of the Province of Genoa. Scuderi, according to Alisa’s sources, will be able to count on the collaboration of a journalist from the press office.

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