Tavern, contribution to create a fitness park

Play sports immersed in the healthy air of the Sila.
Not a utopia in that of Taverna, precisely in Villaggio Mancuso, where the Sila National Park has financed the construction of a fitness park to meet the expectations of many health enthusiasts.
The contribution amounts to 25 thousand euros.
Satisfaction was expressed by the first citizen Sebastiano Tarantino: “The National Park – writes the young mayor has confirmed the funding for the construction of the Fitness Park in Villaggio Mancuso. The initiative is part of other activities that we will present in the coming weeks, which go in the direction of respecting the environment and people’s well-being.
We thank the acting Director Domenico Cerminara and the President Francesco Curcio for the attention they show every day to the entire Silan plateau. “
Do not miss the word sport from the vocabulary of public affairs in Tavern.


Tavern contribution create fitness park

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