The “Agro Pontino” sandwich on the menu of Salvatore Buzzi’s new pub in Rome

There is also a sandwich inspired by the province of Latina among those included in the menu of Salvatore Buzzi’s new pub, entrepreneur and defendant in the Mafia Capitale trial, whose inauguration is scheduled for today in Rome.

The “Buzzi’s Burger”, this is the name of the place located in Tor Vergata a few steps from Ikea, offers a series of sandwiches whose names are all inspired by the criminal environment and the main investigations that have affected the capital in recent years : the customer can in fact choose between “Gomorra”, “Suburra”, “Mondo di Mezzo” and also the “Lebanese”, nickname of Franco Giuseppucci, former head of the Magliana Band, the “Freddo”, the “Dandy”, “Er Bufalo “, protagonists of” Criminal novel “. There are also “Er Secco”, a vegan sandwich and the salads “Scrocchiazzeppi” (another protagonist of Romanzo Criminale) and “Genny”, protagonist instead of “Gomorra”. Scrolling through the rich menu it turns out that among the various offers of the pub we also find the “Agro Pontino” sandwich.

“In this place everyone pays: friends, relatives and acquaintances – explained Buzzi himself – while the prosecutors pay double and the judges triple. On the other hand, former members and employees of the group on June 29 are entitled to a discount”.

Buzzi, who was sentenced to 12 years and 10 months in the appeal process on the ‘Middle World’, announced an appeal to the Supreme Court.


Agro Pontino sandwich menu Salvatore Buzzis pub Rome

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