Committees no green pass to the strike of 11 October, the details of the Usb: “For us, a fundamental vaccine against covid”

Committees no green pass to the strike of 11 October, the details of the Usb: “For us, a fundamental vaccine against covid”
Committees no green pass to the strike of 11 October, the details of the Usb: “For us, a fundamental vaccine against covid”

Genoa. In view of the general strike of 11 October called by various groups of grassroots trade unionism and to which several no vax committees have recently joined (as among the claims there is also the criticism of the green pass), the USB syndicate with a note decides to put the dots on the “i” for andavoid misunderstandings.

“For the avoidance of doubt – says the note from Usb – we believe that the vaccine is, at the state of the art, the most important and useful health tool to fight the pandemic from Sars – Covid 2, together with the use of masks, spacing and tracking “. For this reason, USB since the beginning of the pandemic “has mobilized for the protection of workers in all workplaces, calling a general strike in March 2020 for the relaunch and defense of public health, and conducting a national campaign and international together with the World Trade Union Federation for the total gratuitousness, reproducibility and diffusion of vaccines, removing the constraint of patents “.

Instead, he criticizes the trade union’s position on the obligation to green pass to go to work, judged by USB one wrong choice, discriminatory and detrimental to workers’ rights. Wrong because it is not a health measure, as evidenced by the fact that even the vaccinated in possession of the green pass are potentially a vehicle of contagion, discriminatory, because it affects the right of everyone to choose whether or not to do the vaccine, while ours remains intact. position of absolute favor for the use by all of this health and harmful measure, as it denies the right to work to those who have chosen not to be vaccinated, given that there is no legal provision that obliges the vaccine “.

For the grassroots trade union, a position widely shared by all unions, “the request to show the green pass in order to access the workplace is obviously a measure aimed at surreptitiously inducing vaccination without assuming any responsibility and introduces elements of control over the health of workers, their choices and their behaviors that are not allowed in any way either by law or by national collective labor agreements, up to the point of arguing that the green pass is mandatory even for those who are in smart working! Similarly, the alternative request for a tampon every 48 hours, to be paid entirely by the workers, is an oppressive measure which paradoxically implies that workers have to pay to go to work ”.

For Usb “the ttakes care of the safety and health of workers, and the elimination of risks in the workplace, both of close and unique competence of public and private employers, who are obliged, in particular in compliance with the provisions of Law 81/2008, to implement all measures necessary to eliminate the risks at source. In the case of the pandemic in progress, the necessary measures have been defined in the protocols that provide for the distribution of PPE (personal protective equipment), ie masks in accordance with the law; the guarantee of the distancing between people within the workplace and the installation of dividers, the tracing and immediate operation of the quarantine where subjects or outbreaks of infection are identified in the workplace, taking charge of the cost of tampons “.

Meanwhile, tomorrow morning at the Cap all the organizations and movements that are organizing the Genoese demonstration as part of the general strike of 11 October have called a press conference to explain the reasons for the mobilization that was convened well before the introduction of the green pass and rather, it is linked above all to workers’ rights, safety at work and against government policies: “The call for a strike, and therefore the convocation platform of strong contrast to the economic and social policy choices of the Draghi / Bonomi government, was decided before the hypothesis of the enlargement of the compulsory green pass to the workplace appeared, the criticism of which is therefore not in the strike platform“.

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