A fifth of the police without a vaccine in the Oristano area: what will happen with the green pass?


Unknowns on the correct coverage of shifts in the security sector. Protests and disputes

One more week and then from next 15 October, with the mandatory introduction of the anti-covid green pass, even in the province of Oristano the risk that the law enforcement and security apparatus may encounter more than one problem to guarantee regular services: about 20% of staff do not have the first dose of the vaccine.

Official data are not disclosed and the estimates filter informally, more or less reflecting a national trend. At the command of the firefighters, including detachments, there are just over 30 firefighters without the permit to pass for work. About forty are the employees of the state police, excluding the Abbasanta anti-crime agents.

Some soldiers of the harbor master’s office are also without green passes, while the precise data on the financial police, carabinieri and penitentiary police are not known, but even these more or less reflect the national average.

Then there is the Forestry Corps of the Region, even here around 20% of workers travel without vaccine.

The greatest concern concerns the coverage of staff shifts who, when unable to present the green pass, will be considered unjustified absent and will not be able to carry out their normal functions, unless they present the negative result to a swab performed in the previous 48 hours.

“They can’t take shifts off”, comments a firefighter from Oristano, which is part of a national group, organized through social media. “We help”.

“Throughout Italy there are more than 100,000 people from the police without a green pass, 21,000 only in the police”.

Their position has returned to the center of attention in recent days, following the position taken by the deputy chief of the state police, Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, who in Piazza San Giovanni, in Rome, protested against the green pass from the stage of a demonstration, in front of thousands of people.

Even in the province of Oristano some representatives of the police, gathered in a larger national group, announce the battle: “We will go to demonstrate, we will do it with our hands raised, without the violence they want to attribute to us. We will demonstrate to make it clear that we are tired of the dictatorial government and we will also do it for all those people who are subjected to this government ”.

“Our request is that the obligation of the green pass be lifted”, says a firefighter from Oristano. “In our opinion, it is not scientifically proven that there is a link between the green pass and health safety. The vaccinated can also infect him “.

“At that point”, concludes the firefighter, “that they make the vaccine mandatory and the State must take responsibility, not to make us citizens sign the informed consent”.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

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