he was not the one who gave up the drugs – Time

he was not the one who gave up the drugs – Time
he was not the one who gave up the drugs – Time

Gaetano Mineo

07 October 2021

He had already been convicted of drug dealing, but to hear the latest revelations, the file open for Luca Morisi could now be archived. To exonerate the former social media manager of the League, some chats from which it appears that the creator of the “Beast” has nothing to do with the sale of drugs. It all starts with a message from Morisi in the chat of a dating site: «I’m looking for someone to have fun with … drink, get high. But when would you be free? ». It is 3 am on August 14th. On the other side of the network, the Romanian Alexander, who, taking up the invitation of the social manager, extends it to his compatriot Nicolas, who unequivocally excuses the manager for having brought drugs to the party. «Then we will also bring you G. You will see you will like it very much, I assure you», says Alexander in chat. For the investigators it is Ghb, the “rape drug” that will be subsequently confiscated because it was found in Nicolas’s backpack. In this regard, the versions of the two young people have always been conflicting: Alexander will then tell the investigators that he had it from Morisi; Nicolas, will swear he doesn’t know who put it in his backpack. Detailed messages reported by the Courier and examined by investigators.

Initially the two Romanians, after a check by the carabinieri, had told of having spent 12 hours with Morisi and having received the Ghb from him instead. This was always denied by Morisi himself, explaining that the two young people had brought the drugs to his home, in a farmhouse in the municipality of Belfiore (Verona). At the home of the former spin doctor of the League, however, following a search by the carabinieri, cocaine had been found in small quantities. The trail of blackmail had also opened, regarding the rape drug, in the sense that the two Romanians would have tried to blackmail the social manager by asking him more money than they owed for their sexual performance.

So far, the story, inflated by some press just on the eve of the administrative to point the viewfinder on the League, has been based on conflicting versions provided by the two escorts, but promptly denied by the defense of the communication guru. We recall that Morisi is under investigation, together with one of the two Romanians, for the sale of drugs. Now, however, in the light of these news, the accusation of drug transfer against the social manager could fall, with the consequent filing.

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