Covid-19, family doctors against Musumeci: “His accusations are unfair, the mistakes are all his”

The straw that broke the camel’s back is an interview with Governor Nello Musumeci, who accused them on a local TV of not having committed from the beginning to vaccinate the Sicilians and of being responsible for the yellow zone in Sicily. And it wasn’t even the first time it happened. Now the Sicilian family doctors have decided to go on the counterattack, in an open letter with very harsh tones in which they return all the accusations to the sender (“We are not in the government”) and demolish the hub system: “Too expensive”.

The letter, also sent to the councilor for Health Ruggero Razza, to the sixth commission at the ARS and to the president of the Regional Assembly Gianfranco Micciché, starts with a long outburst of the white coats gathered in the Italian Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), guided in Sicily by Luigi Galvano: “He assigns us full responsibility for the pandemic situation in Sicily as if it were the family doctors who govern the Region and fails to evaluate the effectiveness of the government action and the numerous ordinances issued as well as the necessary action of vigilance on foreseeable tourist flows “, they write to Musumeci reproaching him for having been misinformed. But above all, having left the Health Department without a summit for months, beheaded in March by the investigation into the “smeared deaths”: “It is certainly not the fault of general medicine if the Department of Health remained without a councilor for four months and the department of the Health Activities and Epidemiological Observatory (ie what should be the government of the prevention and management of a pandemic) remained for another five months without the Director General “.

They underline that the agreement signed with the category to start vaccinating dates back to 8 March, yet it remained in the drawer for another 18 days pending publication in the Official Journal of the Sicilian Region “despite the pandemic raging, the infections were on the rise and vaccinations appeared indispensable “. A delay that – they accuse – makes “it plausible to imagine that the involvement of general medicine was considered supplementary, preferring to implement other actors such as vaccination hubs, which have started their activity since December 27”.

Doctors do not want to be pointed out as responsible for the Sicilian health and economic catastrophe and talk about all the obstacles they have found along the way, from having to go to collect vaccines in the Asp, as if they were messengers, often sent back to hands. empty because the doses booked well in advance were not there, due to the “ostracism” suffered by some hubs, such as that of the Mediterranean Fair in Palermo which at first put them at the door: “The extraordinary commissioner of the Hub said to the head of general medicine who offered him the employment of the family doctors of the ASP of Palermo, who did not need them, as happened later “.

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