“An insult to our work”

“We condemn the sale below cost of local milk. Witnessing this practice, by a supermarket chain, which is offering this home product below cost is a sign of little respect for our farms that produce milk of excellent quality in the midst of a crisis caused by two elements: prices paid at the barn as twenty years ago and the exorbitant cost of raw materials ”.

Giorgio Polegato, president of Coldiretti Treviso, intervenes to denounce the need that livestock farms, both those that produce milk and those that produce meat, must be given a fair price that recognizes their work and without weighing on the pockets of consumers.

“We must not belittle a sector that asks for dignity and above all a fair price and transparent passages along the entire livestock supply chain from producer to consumer to protect a heritage of excellence made of meat and cheese – underlines Polegato – The situation of the milk price at the stable it has become unsustainable, with ranchers under pressure from too low prices in the face of higher prices for raw materials and fodder, from corn to soy, due to the tensions generated by the pandemic. Having seen the sale below cost of milk from a dairy in our area is really a slap in the face to our associates and to all the companies that produce milk. Let us remember that if a company whose costs are higher than revenues closes, it is as if it closes a piece of territory that will never be able to reopen “.

In the Marca Trevigiana there are about 430 farms that milk their cows every day so as not to let consumers lack excellent milk.

“On this issue we can say that we have proudly seen the great work supported by the national president Ettore Prandini – underlines Polegato – who asked for and obtained a fundamental table to find a supply chain agreement that goes from our farms to large-scale distribution to save the stables with an adequate remuneration of the milk to the farmers. With an act of responsibility, thanks to Coldiretti, our proposal was accepted for an adequate increase in the minimum price of farm-gate milk in Italy without impacting consumers “.

There is therefore satisfaction in making known the availability expressed by Conad, Coop, Granarolo, Federdistribuzione and Assolatte, at the table convened by Minister Stefano Patuanelli on the milk crisis at the request of Coldiretti.

The positive acceptance of our proposal must now be concretely lowered into everyday reality to make it operational as early as October to save the narrow stalls in the grip of rising raw materials. The application of the agreement must be followed by an adequate public awareness campaign on the consumption of milk and derivatives.

“The stability of the Italian livestock network has an importance that does not only concern the national economy but has a social and environmental relevance because when a stable closes – said Prandini from Treviso – an entire system made up of animals, meadows for fodder, typical cheeses and above all people committed to fighting, often for entire generations, the depopulation and degradation of territories, especially in disadvantaged areas, is lost. Agri-food is the country’s primary wealth and Coldiretti with the idea of ​​a sustainable supply chain intends to face the future not only by creating economic value, but also by looking at its distribution and the ability to return benefits from an environmental, social and territorial point of view “.

(Photo: Qdpnews.it Archive).

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