the Alfa Romeo plan for a relaunch in style

the Alfa Romeo plan for a relaunch in style
the Alfa Romeo plan for a relaunch in style

One of the first things Carlos Tavares and John Elkann said when she was born Stellantis it covered the future of all the brands in the group, with the reassurance that each brand would find its own place on the market. In a recent meeting with the shareholders, Tavares also promised that Alfa Romeo would marry electrification, in the Alfa way, but he had not gone into other details.

Today, during a meeting with press agencies, Jean Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Casa del Biscione, said more, explaining how the Arese brand, which currently has only two models in the list, Giulia and Stelvio, will try to grow in the coming years by leveraging a series of models that will help it consolidate among premium brands. The program will be tight and will also be based on a new business model.

A new production model

The first thing Learnato said concerns the organization of production. A tailor-made production model called “built to order” will be favored: this is a strategy according to which the items will be made only following the actual customer order. Learned stated that “at the beginning of 2021 we used this method at 38%, but we want to reach 80% in 2023”.

This modus operandi should guarantee “better cost management, avoid waste and improve stock management: I don’t want to see a car in a parking lot for more than 90 days,” said Imparato.

The Alphas of the future

Alfa Romeo will focus on new models as mentioned. Specifically, the relaunch of the brand will involve the production of a new model per year from now until 2026.

It will begin, as widely announced, with the new Tonale SUV which will be produced from March next year and launched in June. It will not be seen at the 2022 edition of the Geneva Motor Show, the stage where it debuted as a concept in 2019.


Alfa Romeo plan relaunch style

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