Africa in Google’s sights: announced a submarine cable to bring the internet through Europe

A kilometer-long submarine cable that connects it directly with Europe. This is the plan of Google to digitize theAfrica, than with his 1.3 billion of inhabitants and a growth rate double-digit demographic is preparing to become one of the more profitable markets for the IT giants. The project was unveiled on Wednesday 6 October directly by theCEO of the Mountain View company, Sundar Pichai, who spoke of a five-year investment from the total value of one billion dollars.

As explained by Pichai, the 2026 initiative specifically envisages the installation of a underwater connection, called “Equiano”, which it will cross from the Old Continent South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria and the island of Weather in Sant’Elena, to guarantee African users higher internet browsing speeds and costs lower connection. An infrastructure is actually part of a larger digital transition project on the African continent and which also plans to invest 50 million dollars in startup local and grant loans for 10 million to small entrepreneurs in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria. Not only that: Google has said it will partner with the telecommunications giant Safaricom to launch Android smartphones at reduced prices.

The agreement strengthens the commitment made four years ago by the American giant to start thedigital entrepreneurship circa 10 million of young people and companies Africans. As pointed out in a report by the World Bank, at the moment they are in fact two major obstacles to connectivity in the region: thebroadband access, which remains the prerogative of just one third of the population; there low diffusion of mobile phones of the latest generation able to surf the internet.

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