here are the municipalities on alert

here are the municipalities on alert
here are the municipalities on alert

After a dry and hot summer it was predictable. A wave of bad weather it is breaking down in our Peninsula and from north to south there are flooding, landslides and dams in danger. TO Catania a violent tornado it brought with it flooded streets, uprooted street lamps, uncovered, bruised roofs and damage to houses and shops. A woman died instead of Calenzano (Florence) for the fall of a wall. Coldiretti counted twenty extreme events in one day between storms, tornadoes, hailstorms, wind storms and water bombs. And that’s not all. A new weather alert signals other incoming disturbances for the next few days. For this reason, in many municipalities it has been decided to close schools. Here’s where.

Bad weather: rain and wind all weekend, and in the north there is snow. Weather forecasts for Italy

Weather, schools closed in 5 municipalities of the Marche

After theorange weather alert, the Municipalities of Ancona, Senigallia, Osimo, You are e Falconara schools of all levels, public and private, have decided to close today, 7 October, as a precaution. «It rarely happens to receive such an alert from the Civil Protection: the last orange arrived three years ago. – the mayor of Ancona Valeria Mancinelli writes on Facebook – The warning is for the risk of floods, floods, landslides and wind ». “Together with other mayors of the area (Senigallia, Osimo, Jesi and Falconara, at the moment) – he adds – we have decided as a precaution to close schools of all levels, public and private, for tomorrow”.

“A decision that is not taken lightly, – explains the mayor – knowing the inconvenience that is created for families, also given the time. But the indications of the Civil protection they are clear and we cannot ignore them and risk them, especially for children and young people, as the alarm is especially for the first hours of the day, that is, when thousands of people move ». “We can not intervene on work activities, public and private, – he concludes – but we recommend if possible not to move from home if not for work or other needs that cannot be postponed”. The Coc (Municipal Operations Center) met in Fano for a survey of the state of the Fano area in view of the bad weather that could hit the city in the next few hours. The operators, in the presence of the deputy mayor Cristian Fanesi, agreed to start the monitoring phases of the Civil Protection volunteers on all those areas at hydrogeological and hydraulic risk. For the moment – says the Municipality – no decisions have been made».

Closed schools in Pozzuoli

This was decided by the mayor Vincenzo Figliolia, who ordered the closure of schools of all levels throughout the city due to the adverse weather conditions still expected for tomorrow “and also in consideration of what happened today, with several streets invaded by mud and debris and the closure of via Pergolesi due to the collapse of a part of the perimeter wall of the women’s prison ». The cemetery and the city public parks will also be closed (Villa Avellino, Oasis of Monte Nuovo and Urban Park of via Vecchia delle Vigne).

Mayor of Catania: schools and parks closed

«Tomorrow schools closed in Catania to allow checks on schools and city buildings. After the terrible, and unexpected, atmospheric phenomenon of today, I decided, in agreement with the prefect, to order the closure of schools of all types and levels of the city, of the municipal parks and of the cemetery, to allow for damage to buildings to be checked. , public and private, to the streets, parks and wherever it is needed ». Mayor Salvo Pogliese writes it on Facebook.

«With the Maintenance and Civil Protection management – he adds we are already at work, but the scenario in all the districts is very heavy. The rain and the violent wind have uncovered roofs, caused the fall of trees, uprooted lighting poles, causing extensive damage. I invite you to be very cautious, to limit your movements, even for tomorrow, to allow the emergency teams to work to quickly restore safety conditions. As soon as the order is ready, it will be published on the institutional website, on the social media channels of the Municipality and in the press. It is anticipated – explains the mayor Pogliese – on my page to allow teaching and school staff, students and their families to be able to organize themselves adequately ».

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