Kuipers: “Italy-England the most exciting of my life. Chiellini? I’ll tell you about the comparison”

“The most exciting moment of my life”. Like this Björn Kuipers, referee of the Euro 2020 final, tells how he experienced the designation: “The Wembley final was the most exciting match, I have always wanted to referee the final of a European Championship – he explains to Sky the Dutch referee, in Italy because he was awarded the Campanati 2021 award – when Rosetti told me that I would direct that match it was the most exciting moment of my life. The best moment of the evening was when we entered the field: the stadium was screaming, the anthems could be heard, my wife, my two children, my father were in the stands. It was goosebumps ”.

How did you manage Italy and England?
“Before the final, Chiellini and I were warming us up, he came to me and wished me good luck, as well as congratulations on the designation. I took the opportunity to explain to him not to start protesting, because if I want to, I can be tough. He came back and told me he talked to all the players. I repeated the same things to Kane, I must say that both the Italians and the English did very well on the pitch ”.


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