how do we put it? – Free Daily

how do we put it? – Free Daily
how do we put it? – Free Daily

Lorenzo Mottola

06 October 2021

You don’t have to worry: Massimo Galli it will not disappear from the television schedules, at most it will move to One day in the district court. A bit like in an American detective story, the Milanese scientist was shot in the back on the eve of retirement. In practice, he is accused of having rigged the results of a competition to favor two of his acquaintances. Criminal association. An investigation that is not exactly flattering for the virologist of reference of the Italian left, who up to a year ago wanted him as special commissioner to moralize and revolutionize Lombard healthcare destroyed by Attilio Fontana. AND the judicial offensive starts just 25 days after his retirement, set for November 1st. Our man only wanted peace: he has already announced that he intends to devote himself to his ancient passions. He is collecting material to write a historical novel on ancient pandemics (no, this is not a joke, ed) and he also has a science fiction book in his drawer that he has not yet published (no, this is not a joke either, ed). The plot is unknown but we can already assume a good part of the setting: a world ravaged by an exterminating viral infection. What viewers can be sure of is that it is unlikely that the Sacco doctor in Milan will give up the limelight right now. He evidently liked the notoriety achieved too much, as evidenced by the tendency to accept guests even at 4 in the morning on Rete-Barletta.


On the other hand, Galli is now a public figure and like all Italian public figures, in addition to invitations, he attracts judicial inquiries like gadflies looking for water. «Excellent doctor and serious professional. He is under investigation because in Italy after a pandemic they beat those who have done something», Say his colleagues loyal to him. And they are not few. Then there are the enemies. As we said, the luminary of the Sacco is the idol of everything that moves between the Democratic Party and its left. A medal earned through utterances against the Lombardy Region at the beginning of the pandemic, when Covid seemed to be a local affair. They say that Galli fired at Fontana also for ideological worms: as a boy, as Guccini sings, Massimo had “the revolt in his fingers” he was part of the student movement and still today at the bottom of the wardrobe he keeps the Marxist-Leninist uniform of order. Today like all the former ’68 he has definitely changed companies, but the sympathies remain the same. And in fact, among his detractors there are those who accuse him of having chatted a little too often with left-wing journalists, fueling the press campaign against the Fontana junta.


Galli was part of the regional technical-scientific committee but between him and the most influential members of the governor there was never good blood. It seems they never listened to him and that his advice was greeted with showy yawns. A situation he had been in for some time. The virologist is the author of important studies on AIDS, but it seems he was little appreciated by the beautiful world of Milanese medicine, at least as regards the institutions. So when talk shows turned him into a star, he took his revenge. And from there it was a battle. Many have wondered how a doctor could be constantly on television in the midst of a full pandemic. In this sense, the fight with his own hospital over the number of affected by the new Covid variant is sensational. “I have the ward full,” thundered the scientist. “But as a full ward, this is the list of admissions”, they replied from the management of the Sacco. In case of suspicion, no, the ongoing investigation has nothing to do with these events. The investigation began well before Covid. That is, before the star was born. Everyone knows everything about his period of notoriety: Galli is most famous for its catastrophism. Sow panic to unified networks. At each reopening it predicted disasters. Each red zone was imposed with his consent. And he also claimed that the vaccine would arrive at least a year after what happened. “I prefer to be a catastrophist than easy” he then told those who challenged his wrong predictions, “things are fine, but when it was decided to open, the data and projections said something different” He felt that the catastrophe was behind the ‘angle. He just couldn’t have known that it was going to be judicial, not viral.

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