19 – 3,235 new infections. The Lazio bulletin. Salvini: “Discos reopened to 35% is a joke”. The situation in Russia and Ukraine. Cases are on the rise in Turkey. WHO: “It is wrong to think that the Covid emergency is over”

The Civil Protection has disclosed the data relating to the last 24 hours. They have been identified 3.235 new COVID-19 positives. The positivity rate is 1.1%. Vocegiallorossa.it will provide you LIVE with the latest news.

22:28 – There are 415 patients hospitalized in intensive care for COVID-19 in Italy, 18 fewer than yesterday in the balance between entries and exits. Daily admissions, according to data from the Ministry of Health, are 24 (yesterday they were 18). The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 2,872, 96 less than yesterday.

22:02 – French health authorities recommend a third dose of the vaccine for health professionals. The French High Authority for Health (Has) recommends, in particular, to extend the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to “healthcare personnel, medical transport and medical-social workers”:

21:38 – Just over 265,000 people have been given a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine in Spain: this can be learned from the latest update by the Ministry of Health. In the Iberian country, the administration of an additional dose of the vaccine has already started for some categories of people considered fragile, such as immunosuppressed people, transplant recipients or elderly guests in retirement homes. Yesterday, the technical commission responsible for vaccines authorized the third dose for the general population over 70: the start of the new campaign for these people is expected to start in late October. Meanwhile, 87.4% of the vaccinable population (aged 12 and over), 77.6% of the total population has already completed the initial vaccination cycle.

21:18 – Melbourne is the city with the longest lockdown in the world. The Australian metropolis, capital of the state of Victoria, on 4 October broke the previous record of Buenos Aires, with its 245 cumulative days of confinement

20:41 – “I think it is useful to make a thorough reasoning to hypothesize an expansion: I say this because in discos with a capacity of 35% they do not open, because it is uneconomical”. Thus the president of Friuli Venezia Giulia and of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, answering a question on the opinion of the CTS for the reopening of discos. “Perhaps it is better to let people go to a disco with the Green Pass – observed Fedriga on the sidelines of a meeting in Trieste – than to make them go to places that do the same activity and there are no checks or Green Passes. for health security “.

20:05 – 200,466 people in our country have received the third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, 2.65% of the population subject to an additional dose / booster. The Italians who have had at least one dose are 45,517,560, 84.28% of the over 12 population while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 42,956,197, 79.53% of the over 12 population. in the report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 17.30 today. The vaccine doses administered so far in Italy are 85,634,227, 86% of the total of those delivered, equal to 99,588,655 so far (in detail 70,965,794 Pfizer / BioNTech, 15,235,767 Moderna, 11,543,400 Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca and 1,843,694 Janssen).

19:28 – In our country 77% of over 12s are immunized with at least one dose, in Spain it is 81%, the percentages of France, the United Kingdom and Germany are lower. Considering the full cycle vaccination, Portugal reaches 85%, while theItaly it’s 73%

17:51 – According to bulletin today, there are 3,235 new cases of coronavirus positivity out of 301,773 swabs carried out according to the latest bulletin of the Ministry of Health. Thirty-nine dead. The positivity rate is 1.1%. Ordinary hospitalizations (-96) and intensive care (-18) are down

16:45 – In Lazio on 9796 molecular swabs and 11284 antigenic swabs for a total of 21080 swabs, 245 new positive cases (+24), 3 deaths (-1), 367 hospitalized (-1), 56 intensive care (-1) and 279 recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 1.1%. The cases in Rome city are at 140

15:50 – In Lazio so far “a total of 30 thousand third doses of vaccine have been administered”. This was underlined by the councilor for Health and Social and Health Integration of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato, in the bulletin at the end of the videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19 with the general managers of the ASL and hospitals, university polyclinics and the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome.

15:05 – In view of the possible use of the third dose of anti-Covid vaccines, the EU commission is evaluating “if and how to update” the European Green Pass. This was explained during the daily briefing by a spokeswoman for the European executive, Christian Wigand.

14:35 – Sweden has decided to suspend the administration of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine for people born in 1991 and after. And this is because of the risk of possible rare side effects, such as myocarditis.

13:53 – Armenia thanks Italy for “the numerous doses of vaccine” sent “in this difficult pandemic management situation”. This was stated by the President of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Sarkissian, at the end of the meeting at the Quirinale with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

13:20 – This is the bulletin issued by Spallanzani of Rome: 50 patients currently positive, of which 2 are about to be discharged. 12 patients admitted to the ICU, 3,211 discharged.

13:04 – The United Arab Emirates has approved the use of the single-dose vaccine against Covid “Sputnik Light”, developed in Russia: the Russian Direct Investment Fund (Rdif) reports in a statement taken from the Tass specifying that “Sputnik Light” has been recognized by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates both as a vaccine in its own right and as a booster dose.

12:43 – It’s coming in Libya, with landing scheduled for this afternoon, a third batch of COVID-19 vaccines which brings the number of doses donated by Italy to the North African country to 501,600, covering about 8% of the Libyan population and placing another piece of a composite action of Italian support against the coronavirus. After a first batch of 117,600 vaccines delivered on September 15, and another 240,000 doses of AstraZeneca arrived in Tripoli on the 29th, according to what has been learned in the Libyan capital, a further 144,000 vials are arriving. Immediately after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Italy and Libya launched joint action to prevent the spread of the virus and to assist the most serious cases. In May 2020, at the most critical moment, the Libyan government sent a team of seven doctors who worked alongside Italian colleagues to treat the most serious patients to the Covid Center of the Celio Military Polyclinic in Rome. It was an all-round exchange given that Libyan doctors had the opportunity to study the Italian response to the crisis and then apply it within the Libyan emergency system.

12:13 – “Discos reopened, with the Green Pass, but only with 35% capacity? Teasing without scientific, health, social and economic sense, with these numbers 3,000 companies risk going bankrupt and 200,000 workers staying at home”. The leader of the League says so Matteo Salvini.

11:49 – “In formulating the forecast for the remainder of this year and next year we assume that there are no new restrictions on economic activities and movement of people”. This was stated by the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, during the hearing on Nadef which takes place in the Budget Committees of the Chamber and Senate. ” If the pandemic resumes for any reason, these numbers would be put at risk ”, adds the minister.

11:21 – Israel reported the lowest number of infections since late July. In the past 24 hours – according to the ministry of health – there have been 2,502 compared to over 115,000 with a rate of 2.32%. Severe cases are also in sharp decline: now they are at 487 (over 700 in the past few weeks). Of the new positives, 38% are under 11 years old and 14% between 12/18 years old. 46% of the cases concern the general population, 41% the Arab segment and 11% the Orthodox Jews (haredim). Of the seriously ill, about 361 (77%) are not vaccinated, 74 with 2 doses and 33 (7%) also with 3 / a. The director general of the health ministry Nachman Ash said he was “optimistic” about the continuing decline in morbidity rates. “The descent – underlined a Radio Fm 103 – is clear. If in the coming weeks we will see that the trend continues, then yes we are coming out of this wave of the virus “.

10:58 – In Russia in the last 24 hours, 929 deaths caused by Covid-19 have been recorded, the maximum in a day since the beginning of the epidemic: this was reported by the national anti-coronavirus operations center, taken over by Tass. According to the center, in Russia over the last day there were 25,133 new cases of Covid.

10:28 – 184,491 people in our country have received the third dose of vaccine against Covid 19, 2.44% of the population subjected to an additional dose / booster. The Italians who have had at least one dose are 45,493,296, 84.23% of the population over 12 while those who have completed the vaccination cycle are 42,921,024, 79.47% of the population over 12.

09:28 – In Ukraine in the last 24 hours there have been 12,662 new cases of Covid-19 and 320 deaths caused by the disease: this was reported by the Ministry of Health of Kiev

08:34 – “It is wrong to believe that the Covid emergency has passed because the situation is still incredibly dynamic and it is dynamic because we do not have control of this virus”: this is stated by the WHO in charge of managing the pandemic, Maria Van Kerkhove, from the social profiles of the UN health agency. The American official recalled that 3.1 million new cases and 54,000 deaths were reported worldwide last week, but the real numbers are much higher.

08:00 – The rise of Covid-19 cases continues in Turkey, where 29,802 new infections and 228 deaths were recorded yesterday, the highest figure from the end of April to today.

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