A burst of color even in the fall with this hardy cold-hardy plant

A burst of color even in the fall with this hardy cold-hardy plant
A burst of color even in the fall with this hardy cold-hardy plant

During autumn and winter our gardens often find themselves bare. We must therefore say goodbye to the flowers and soon also to the leaves. A lot of sadness often also involves the balcony, where only succulents survive. Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just choose those plants that are able to give liveliness throughout the year, just like the one we will talk about today. In fact, we can have a burst of color even in the fall with this hardy cold hardy plant. In reality there is nothing simpler, as it requires little care while covering large spaces both vertically and horizontally. However, if we want to enjoy its beauty in a vase, it will be enough to prune it accordingly. In short, a plant that gives great satisfaction and suitable for everyone.

A burst of color even in the fall with this hardy cold-hardy plant

If we are wondering how a plant can give color in all seasons, perhaps it is because we are only considering flowers. In fact, these aren’t the only thing the plant produces. In fact, we must not forget that flowering is only one of the phases of a plant’s life cycle. The latter also produces fruits that can have different shapes, sizes and colors. Not to mention that even the leaves can change shades with the progress of the seasons. All of this applies perfectly to cottonseed, a plant that includes over 200 species.

Each has its own characteristics, but the one we want to focus on today is Cotoneaster horizontalis. The reason is simple, it retains all the adaptability of the other species, but it is the one that manages to give more color in this period. During autumn, in fact, the leaves change from the bright green of the other seasons to a purple red tending to purple. We also think that these are also accompanied by abundant ruby-colored berries. In short, a riot of color. Among other things, it is also a warm color that is well suited to the season. In winter, the cotton will lose its leaves, but the berries will remain until spring. At that point they will turn into delicate white flowers with pink undertones. Together with the cotonastro we could also grow this dream plant for an enchanted autumn garden to make envy.

How to take care of the cotton tape

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, this is a rustic plant that is well suited to various temperatures. In fact, it can withstand even -10 degrees! Let’s take care to place it in a sunny place, so as to have abundant berries and blooms. This is the best time to sow or plant the cotton tape. We leave at least 80 cm between one plant and another as it can reach one and a half meters in width.

It only needs sporadic watering and is not very sensitive to diseases. The only one to watch out for is fire blight.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)


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