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“Me and Sonia Bruganelli? Here is my truth »-

“Me and Sonia Bruganelli? Here is my truth »-
“Me and Sonia Bruganelli? Here is my truth »-
from Online Editorial

The exclusive interview with the magazine «Oggi» the columnist of the «Gf Vip» comments on a photo posted on social media and talks about the difficult moment she is experiencing, after the separation

With an exclusive interview with “Oggi”, on newsstands from tomorrow Thursday 7 October, the columnist of the “Gf Vip” Adriana Volpe
returns to the controversy triggered by a photo posted by the other commentator Sonia Bruganelli, who photographed herself with Giancarlo Magalli, arch enemy of the Fox. «They are of the same kind, they have the same nature. They are ready to tease and muddy without considering the effects of what they create, ”says La Volpe a Today. Explaining: «I don’t even know if she loves provocation regardless, perhaps she thought she was making a joke, an unsuccessful attempt, then everything got out of hand, she underestimated all my past, my battles, even legal ones. There are two indictments ».

La Volpe also confides his difficult personal situation to the magazine: “Unfortunately in the last year and a half my life has changed, I separated from my husband (Roberto Parli, ed) because it has taken a direction that I do not share and it does not belong to me. I tried in every way to help him and bring him back to better manage his life, but today I don’t recognize him anymore. He has had some serious behaviors, he has problems to solve, but I think the best thing is to allow him to recover and find his balance … I have forgiven him many times, but nothing has changed. Asking for separation was a significant gesture to make him understand that if he went on like that he would lose me. I had to prioritize our daughter, focus on her. ‘

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