The M5S loses and for me the reason is to have abandoned the fight against great works

The M5S loses and for me the reason is to have abandoned the fight against great works
The M5S loses and for me the reason is to have abandoned the fight against great works

The municipal elections confirmed the disaffection of most Italians from politics. I am not a political scientist and I refrain from evaluating the motivations of massive abstention from voting, but of one thing I am absolutely certain for having experienced it firsthand, and that is that a good part of those who did not go to the polls (to which, among other things, the blank and null ballots should be added) are citizens who voted M5S and who now no longer recognize themselves in it.

And I would also like to say that some of these are those who recognized themselves in a specific struggle of the movement; the one against great works. Starting with the Tav, but not only: also the Third Pass, the Tap, and other local battles against useless and devastating works. With that low 33% of votes collected in 2018, those citizens who rightly put environmental issues first, expected that words would be followed by deeds, if the grillini went to the government. And that, if there is no agreement on this issue, that they remain firmly to the opposition. Instead they went to the government, but their sound principles in the environmental field melted like snow in the sun.

We thus had a minister like Danilo Toninelli who commissioned a commission to evaluate the convenience of three high-speed rail routes, but then crumpled the reports that quashed them and threw them in the trash. The environmental policy, in general, in Italy has continued exactly as before they went to the government. On the contrary, it has worsened: not only is the green light given to new useless HS sections (obviously without the cost / benefit assessment), but we even talk with impunity about Bridge over the Strait. From an anti-system party, the cinquestelle today are part of a government that is extremely welcome to Confindustria.

It would be funny if there were no crying. And they are bitter tears shed by those who naively believed that this new movement could really shuffle the cards on the table, claiming that at the very first points of politics – Roman or local – there was the protection of the environment. No to major works, yes to new protected areas; not to illegal, yes to the fight against hydrogeological instability; no to new land consumption, yes to the restoration of the Forestry Corps, etc., etc. Instead, nothing. Alone attachment to the cadrega, as we Ligurians say.

And don’t tell me that they would be less worse than others and we should vote for them only for this. Menopeggism leads to nothing, at most it prolongs the agony. Better not to cross the threshold of the seat. In fact, it is now clear that there will never be a paradigm shift in politics.

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