end of restoration in 2023- Corriere.it

end of restoration in 2023- Corriere.it
end of restoration in 2023- Corriere.it

Fully wrapped. But the “box” is a work of art. A painting in the Milan skyline. The skyscraper is there, it isn’t there, it is there but you can’t see it. It is hidden behind a magician’s veil, or rather, an architectural dress. That dress, a optical illusion, will completely envelop Torre Velasca until 2023. For the entire duration of the renovations.

shadow carousel

Torre Velasca, the «trompe l? Oeil» scaffolding reaches the top

After the official greeting to the city of Milan during the event organized by Hines «Torre Velasca Ouverture», the coverage of the Tower was completed with the new architectural sheets that mark the beginning of the redevelopment of the building. The optical illusion which initially involved only the central body of the Tower, will completely cover the building, “Reproducing in its entirety the symbolic building of the city to remind its citizens that it will soon be visible to all with a new look”.

In September, the installation work on the steel structure was completed, essential to start the regeneration work: 31 thousand square meters of scaffolding were used for a total of 556 thousand kilograms of steel, more than 3 thousand pipes, 10 thousand joints and almost 20 thousand metal platforms. “Considering the historical, cultural and architectural value that distinguishes Torre Velasca”, the Hines group (developer and investor of the project), explains a note from the group, is in “constant dialogue with the Superintendency with the aim of preserving the precious heritage of the building, reinterpreting it in a contemporary way “.

The recovery project – curated by Asti Architetti – provides for a conservative restoration of the exteriors (the iconic para-medieval façade will be respected) and of the internal areas (which will be divided into different dedicated functional areas: meeting, culture, well-being). Furthermore, continues Hines, «the redevelopment intervention will also involve the surrounding urban context». The works foresee, in fact, the pedestrianization of the entire Velasca square which will be enriched with elements of street furniture and shops.

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