Dies after cosmetic surgery on the breast and eyelids, Mariolina went into a coma and never woke up

CESSALTO (TREVISO) – Woman dies after a cosmetic surgery: the victim is the 65-year-old Mariolina Vargiu, resident to Cessalt, but originally from Cagliari. Mariolina had undergone the operation in the Aesthetic Clinic of Spresiano on November 28, 2016, but after the breast and eyelid surgery she had entered coma and passed away on 2 October last.

The prosecutor has opened a file with the hypothesis of manslaughter to the detriment of the two doctors who followed the operation, the anesthetist Francesco Cammilli and the aesthetic surgeon Francisco Mora Zambrano. An autopsy was placed on the woman’s body, entrusted to Antonello Cirnelli.

The woman’s husband and children have asked for compensation of one million and 400 thousand euros. The two doctors were already on trial on charges of very serious injuries.

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