Milan, Scaroni: “We hope in the Champions League first, Ibra can be the manager” | News

Speaking on Radio 24’s ‘Tutticonvocati’ broadcast, AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni spoke at 360 degrees. “It is true that you have to pursue dreams and register with pleasure the ambitions of the players and the coach – he said -. I am a man of business and within the budget of this year we qualify for the Champions League, if we were to qualify first it would be even better“. Its Ibra: “He can be a manager“.

The Rossoneri president touched on various topics. “Ibrahimovic has the head to be a manager, I don’t know if he will have the desire but if he does, he has all the credentials to do so”. Great esteem for Pioli: “I saw Milan’s lowest point in Bergamo and it was a memorable defeat. From that moment on Milan changed under the sure guidance of a man like Pioli. Pioli never complains and I like that . Even in the absences we have suffered, he always manages to find solutions “.

The start to the season was really positive. “It is a good time to be Milan fans also because we play exciting football. I would propose an amendment to the football regulations with the rule that would prevent the ball from passing back in one’s own half. We at Milan pass it back a few times and this amuses me “.

Chapter new stage. “I state that the project presented involves the construction of a new stadium next to San Siro. Sala approves the changes made to the project and now he will have to convince the majority. What is difficult for me to understand is how to renovate a stadium in which it is played twice a week. In a construction site you cannot play and watch matches at the same time, also for safety reasons. I therefore cannot understand how the good intentions of renovating the San Siro can coexist with the need for matches. There is no one stadium in which Milan and Inter can play in the event of a restructuring of the San Siro and then Milan has two teams and this means many more matches. “

Donnarumma returns to San Siro for the first time after leaving Milan. “I think Donnarumma is a great goalkeeper who has made a great contribution to Milan. He then decided to continue his career by leaving the Milan comfort zone. He made a courageous choice and I wish him the best. Tonight I will be at San Siro and I I hope that the public will welcome him with serenity “.

On the club’s balance sheet and the Super League. “Our balance sheet has improved compared to last year despite Covid. An important part of our losses is due to the empty stadiums but also to less interested sponsors. I expect the balance sheet 21-22 to be significantly improved. On the Super League chapter, I think it is. an outdated project but the problems that led us to think about the Super League remain. I hope a solution will be found with Uefa and that it would be a healthier solution “.


Milan Scaroni hope Champions League Ibra manager News

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