‘You are a cancer for the building’, gay couple denounces the condominiums – Piedmont

Threats, homophobic insults up to damage to the car. Hanger: “Cancer is hatred and ignorance”

Threats, homophobic insults up to damage to the car. This is what a gay couple from Turin suffered who in recent days reported to the carabinieri the climate of terror in which they are forced to live in the building in which they live, in the ‘Barriera di Milano’ district. Disputes started for some jobs and for the change of administrator, then resulted in real threats.

“For now we will limit ourselves to the car, soon we will send you away from this condominium. Those like you are not welcome”, is the note that – according to the newspaper La Stampa – they found in the mailbox after their car last week was damaged. Unknown people have broken the pawl. In the common areas, tickets had been stuck in the previous months where the couple was defined as “a cancer for the building”.

And more insults. Today the decision to turn to the carabinieri.
Turin is the city of rights. We always say this because in this direction city administrations and associations have always moved and spent, becoming a beacon also at the national level. These episodes, however, show us how we should never take anything for granted. It is not acceptable that a discussion between neighbors becomes ground for homophobia “, comments Chiara Foglietta, the Turin city councilor who has always been at the forefront of the fight for LGBTQ + rights.” I will try to get in touch with the couple immediately to give my support in person “, concludes Foglietta.

“Year 2021 and the cancers to be eradicated remain hatred and ignorance”. Thus, on Twitter, the mayor of Turin Chiara Hangers comments on the story. The first town takes up, to firmly reject, some of the words used against the couple defined, among other things, “the cancer of the building”.


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cancer building gay couple denounces condominiums Piedmont

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