in Rome lost over 200,000 votes. The suburbs wipe out Virginia Raggi

“I am the only one to hold on to the center-right and center-left battleships with respect to which I have achieved a little less”. Words and music by Virginia Raggi after the vote. A comment that, as often happens on voting day, aims to minimize the defeat and transform it almost into a victory. The numbers, however, inevitably show the lies of the story of the outgoing mayor: the defeat is heavy, the loss of votes of those impressive and also the uniqueness (I am the only one, ed) of his performance is not real.

Numbers that are added to what is the final result that in 2016 spoke of 13 conquered municipalities (in addition to the Capitol) and 28 councilors elected in the Capitoline assembly. Today we move to a town hall where the ballot has been reached with difficulty and, in the best of scenarios, to 4 elected councilors.

Fourth arrived

Raggi and the Five Star Movement finished fourth, behind Michetti and Gualtieri, but also behind Carlo Calenda. A setback for the mayor above all because the worst scenario drawn by her magic circle was that of third place. All those who gave up the M55 in open controversy with her and her decision to reapply have always been talking about fourth position. A positioning that goes beyond the symbolic because fourth place in Rome no longer makes it the only one against battleships, but immediately second behind Calenda.

The impressive loss of votes by Virginia Raggi and the Five Star Movement

Numbers are worth more than words. In the first round, in 2016, Virginia Raggi won 461,190 votes. Of these 420,435 came from the M5s. The rest, 40,755 votes, were the result of the vote on her. Five years later the picture has changed. The mayor collects a total of 211,816 votes, or 249,374 fewer votes. And things could have been even worse if Raggi, unhinging an old starry taboo, had not set up the civic machine in support of her, which in all brought her 68,000 votes. The M5s list literally suffered a collapse, collecting just 111624 votes, or 208.619 fewer than 2016. But, surprisingly, the appeal of the Mayor Raggi, whose added value – compared to the lists – in 2016 weighed heavily 40,755 votes, in 2021 it weighs 32312 votes.

The mayor of the suburbs rejected by the suburbs

Also rejected one of the many narratives of the mayor. “I am the mayor of the suburbs,” she told San Basilio at the beginning of the election campaign. A self-proclamation that found its most resounding rejection at the polls. Sunday’s turnout had already sounded an alarm bell. Yes, because that fluid vote of the most extreme districts of Rome, which in 2016 at the municipal and in 2018 at the policies had awarded the M5s, and in 2019 at the Europeans the League, on Sunday and Monday remained at home. The result was seen at the time of the count. And the comparison is for the M5s and for Virginia Raggi merciless. We report the data of three municipalities, those in which the mayor was most present in the election campaign and where the M5s had strongholds.

In the IV, municipality of San Basilio, in 2016, Raggi collected 32,311, the M5s 29,240. Five years later, the overall votes of the outgoing mayor are 15,916. The Five Star Movement stops at an altitude of 8528, compensated by the civics, in particular the one in the name of the mayor which collects 3354 votes.

In the VI municipality, that of Tor Bella Monaca, in 2016 Raggi’s votes were 41,899, those of the M5s 39,117. Five years later, the votes for the mayor have halved, or 20436, those of the M5s four times less, or 11,411, only partially offset by the civics.

In the X municipality infinite, Ostia, the votes in Raggi in 2016 were 42,538, for the M5s 38,622. Five years later the mayor stops at 20757, the M5s at 12287.

In short, the suburbs have given up the mayor: if the polls were to transform the self-proclamation into the official investiture, we can say that we are facing a ban.

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