The ‘Ruby ter’ starts again after Berlusconi renounces the medical report – Chronicle

The ‘Ruby ter’ starts again after Berlusconi renounces the medical report – Chronicle
The ‘Ruby ter’ starts again after Berlusconi renounces the medical report – Chronicle

The Milanese trial on the Ruby ter case against Silvio Berlusconi and 28 other defendants resumed this morning, after the resignation with a letter from the former prime minister to the coroner report, which also included psychiatric investigations. Expertise that had been ordered by the judges after yet another legitimate impediment presented by the defense of the Knight for health reasons in the last hearing. The judges of the seventh criminal, after having dealt with a series of technical issues, decided to acquire the minutes made during the investigation in 2015 by Giuseppe Spinelli, Berlusconi’s trusted accountant and alleged “paying officer” of the ‘olgettine’.
Spinelli, in fact, should have testified today, but he cannot for health reasons and has presented an impediment.

“Elegant dinners? We laugh, let’s not joke.” Like this Barbara Guerra e Alessandra Sorcinelli, two of the young women who took part in the Arcore evenings and who are accused in the Ruby ter case together with Silvio Berlusconi, answered the questions of the reporters at the end of the hearing, after having presented themselves in the courtroom today. Both said that the former prime minister “ruined our lives” and said they were ready to speak during the exam in the courtroom in the next hearings.

“Berlusconi I no longer see him and I no longer hear him, I am no longer interested in his life – explained Alessandra Sorcinelli – he has always tried to solve only his interests and I have been involved in this story and now I will think about my life and prove my innocence “. To the reporters who asked her if she would say things in the courtroom during the interrogation she never said, Sorcinelli replied: “We’ll see”. And to those who asked her if those of Villa San Martino were “elegant dinners” – that is the version that the girls brought to the courtroom in the trials on the Ruby case in exchange for money for the prosecution (hence the accusations of perjury and corruption in judicial acts) – Sorcinelli replied: “It makes me laugh”. His lawyer, the lawyer Luigi Liguori, clarified that “he will make the exam to prove his innocence, to clarify some circumstances” precisely in relation to the evenings and represent the “truth”.

Barbara Guerra also said she was ready to clarify: “I will speak in the courtroom, also because whoever is accused does not come and does not put his face on it, I agree with the Sicilian prosecutor, he is old but he could introduce himself”. Someone also asked her what she thought of the hypothesis of Berlusconi’s race for the Presidency of the Republic and she replied: “For me he has to stay at home and be a grandfather”. He said again that he wants to “take my life back in hand, my life is blocked because of him and I will evaluate if there are more things to say, I am very resentful with him, very indignant, I have not been given an escort for years, he had to protect me, he ruined my life. Elegant dinners? I laugh, no comment. ” And he reported “as I had already said on a television some time ago, that at the last dinner in Sardinia in which I had attended I ran away in shame seeing those scenes”. Already Marysthell Polanco, another of the so-called ‘olgettine’, some time ago in the courtroom had said that she was ready to give an exam in the courtroom to “tell the truth” in the next hearings.


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