Meritocrazia Italia, ‘focus on ITS to create new opportunities’

Meritocrazia Italia, ‘focus on ITS to create new opportunities’
Meritocrazia Italia, ‘focus on ITS to create new opportunities’

“The seventh Standing Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the Senate is examining the text of the ‘Redefinition of the mission and organization of the Higher Technical Education and Training System in implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan’, already approved by the Chamber of Deputies . The provision has the shared objective of improving higher technical training “. Thus in a well-known Meritocracy Italy where he explains how “the Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) represent, at least potentially, one of the excellences of the Italian school scene, aiming at a virtuous integration between school and the entrepreneurial / productive system. At present, the technical training provided leads to a very high employment rate, which reaches 82% one year after graduation (with a peak of 92% for the ‘Mechanical System’) “.

“But we can aim higher. In terms of the volume of access to technical training and, therefore, in terms of improvement in the distribution of skills in relation to the new demands of the labor market and growth in the level of employment inclusion. Higher technical training must be strengthened – Meritocrazia Italia underlines -, without upsetting the organizational formulation and dispersing the tried and tested school / company synergies at the territorial level. For this – he clarifies -, in drafting the reform, adequate attention must be paid to: – exclude the risk that an increase in the space dedicated to theoretical training (scholastic academic) goes to the detriment of the practical / business preparation part; to guarantee a rapprochement of training to the territorial context and to the reference production fabric, and to consolidate the school / company synergies already in place; contain training periods, to avoid unreasonable delays in entering the mo ndo of work; amplify the relative weight of companies in management and training activities; focus on the enhancement of soft skills, also through the organization of creative workshops and the expression of skills, according to individualized paths “.

And again, according to Meritocrazia Italia, it is necessary to “introduce more adequate outgoing guidance systems at the outcome of the training course, in order to favor the alignment between personal aspirations, necessary skills and the world of work; diversify the training offer in terms of typological, with the inclusion of sectors not currently foreseen (through an assessment that actively involves the world of companies and its representatives at national level) and particular attention to the environmental, health and eco-sustainability issues; implement the financial resources to be allocated to Its, in particular in favor of those capable of safeguarding regional traditions and recovering ancient cultivation and artisan techniques; making the distribution of the Institutes more widespread, in a homogeneous way on the national territory and within the different regional contexts (through a careful evaluation that actively involve the business world and its raps presentations at local and regional level); broaden the enrollment base, through better dissemination of study proposals, also through the active involvement of companies and their representatives at national, regional and local level); make school pathways more flexible both in terms of length of study courses, without causing delays in students’ access to the labor market; to devise – he concludes – a serious monitoring of the progress of the activities and the results of the existing ITS, a virtuous system of self-control and feedback correction “.


Meritocrazia Italia focus create opportunities

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