Water Bonus: one thousand euros to replace taps, showers and more

Water Bonus: one thousand euros to replace taps, showers and more
Water Bonus: one thousand euros to replace taps, showers and more

To favor the saving of water resources comes the bonus of 1,000 euros (for individuals residing in Italy) to replace taps, showers and some ceramics in bathrooms and kitchens. Until 31 December 2021 it will be possible to use the incentive that cannot be combined. But, even if the implementing decree, which defines the beneficiaries and admission criteria, was recently signed by the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, it will be necessary to wait for the start. official on the Ministry website.

The request

The application is presented by registering on the “Water bonus platform”, accessible, after authentication, from the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (which must be published on the Ministry website). To get the refund, the beneficiaries will have to submit question through SPID: the Electronic Identity Card which has become mandatory since October to access various public services, starting with the Revenue Agency. The purchase costs of taps and toilets incurred from January 1st to December 31st of this year are included in the bonus. The facility does not constitute taxable income of the beneficiary and is not relevant for the purposes of the indicator of the equivalent economic situation (ISEE). The application can be submitted for a single property, for a single time and by a single co-owner or holder of real or personal right of enjoyment. The water bonuses are issued according to the temporal order of submission of the applications, until the resources are exhausted.

What can be replaced

As theRevenue Agency the bonus can be applied to replace the ceramic sanitary fittings with new reduced drain appliances, the taps, shower heads and shower columns with new limited water flow appliances. “In particular – specify by the Revenue Agency -, the subsidy is recognized for the expenses incurred for the supply and installation of ceramic sanitary ware with maximum discharge volume equal to or less than 6 liters and related waste systems »Connected plumbing and masonry works and the disassembly and decommissioning of pre-existing systems are included, the supply and installation of taps and mixers for bathroom and kitchen, including devices for controlling the flow of water with a flow rate equal to or less than 6 liters per minute, and of shower heads and shower columns with water flow rates equal to or less than 9 liters per minute. Also included are any connected plumbing and masonry works and the dismantling and disposal of pre-existing systems.

Drinking water bonus

The water bonus should not be confused with the “Drinking water”. The latter is dedicated to the installation of water filtration and mineralization systems in the home or company. This is a 50% tax credit for the expenses incurred in 2021 for the purchase and installation of purifiers. This incentive is also dedicated to energy saving.

“Drinking water” bonus: 50% deduction for purifiers at home or in the company

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