Matteo Viola’s will to play Indian Wells

Matteo Viola’s will to play Indian Wells
Matteo Viola’s will to play Indian Wells

The adventure of Matteo Viola deserves to be described, because he is not just a friend of mine but a great boy. Matteo is in Padua on Monday at 13.10 and receives confirmation that he has entered which ones when hopes were practically 0. He is looking for a flight to Los Angeles to be taken immediately on Monday but it is too late to leave, there are no coincidences. I convince him to leave with a flight from Venice / Amsterdam / Los Angeles on Tuesday (yesterday) at 6 am, arriving in Los Angeles again yesterday at 12 am.

He prepares a 10kg bag to carry by hand so as not to risk losing it upon boarding, with only 2 rackets (!!!!) and two skeins. He arrives in Los Angeles after 14h of flight in total, pays a 350 usd shuttle that takes him from the airport to Indian Wells, where he arrives at 3pm. a shower, eat something and just 4h later (and about 7h after his arrival in LA) he takes the field and beats Kokkinakis (who arrived the day before after losing the final with trouble in Sibiu) with whom he had lost both previous matches 6 / 4-6 / 4. On Monday afternoon Matteo did not want to leave, he said it was absurd, he joked and told me that it was as if he was going to play in the Bundesliga in California … he did something physically scary too.

He told me that he slept maybe 4h during the whole trip, he told me: I go because in the first shift I get 4700 usd minus the air costs and more I have 2 thousand euros left … now he is sure 9500usd, and now the possibility to qualify against our friend Bobby Marcora.

This morning at dawn in complimenting him I told him that he has a problem: he has no tennis stuff to stay on … he replied that he was washing and hanging what he had ..

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Matteo Violas play Indian Wells

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